The Creation of a Tortured Soul

Our story begins on a late afternoon. The sun's last beams were still lingering over the lands, not wanting to let the dark take possession of it just yet. Shirin, a young lady of a noble family was on her way home to recuperate after a hard battle. Following in her father's footsteps she was learning the ways of the honourable Paladin. Her small troop had been one of the few sent to slay a group of vampires that had taken possession of a little village.

Shirin had been slightly wounded during the battle, and as she had been the hero of the battle after slaying the vampire group's leader, she was allowed a few weeks at home with her family while her wound was healing. As she hadn't seen her family for a long time, Shirin was looking forward to spending some time with them. Her younger brother seemed to grow between each time she saw him. He was much younger than she was, only five years old.

A smile played on Shirin's lips as she came out from the forests and could see the well-known silhouette of her family's castle. It made a beautiful picture lying in the glade in the middle of the forest, mountains bathed in golden red sunbeams making a wonderful background. She hurried her steps to reach there quicker; already imagining what would be for supper. The meals of a Paladin in learning was simple and not very varied, it would be a feast to eat at home.

Already in the entrance hallway did Shirin realize that something was terribly wrong. There were no servants scurrying to help her, no chattering between maids. Slowly did she move towards the great hall, her heart heavy with fear of what she might find.

The sight that met her as she entered the great hall would be etched in her memory forever. First she felt the stench, the stale stench of blood. The first thing that caught her eyes was the head of her mother, lying on the first step of the few leading into the great hall. The body was lying a few feet away, by the foot of the stairs. Bile rose in her throat, but she forced it back and looked at the rest of the hall.

Her father's body lay drenched in blood by the large dining table. Various body parts of their servants were lying in various placed throughout the hall. Mutilated bodies drenched in blood lay in a large pile in a corner.

A muffled sound made her turn to the side of the hall. There were two vampires holding her young brother in between them. The child's face pale with terror, tears running down his cheeks. Filled with rage Shirin drew her sword and thoughtlessly charged towards the two vampires. There was no other thought in her mind but that to slay the two vampires.

As she was about to pierce the heart of one vampire the other unexpectedly moved her brother so that he was placed directly in her path. At the sound of the sword piercing her brother's body and the look in her brother's eyes the moment his soul fled this world Shirin's mind snapped.

She let go of the sword as if it was on fire, screaming in terror. As she backed away from her brother's body she bumped into someone. Still screaming, her mind cracked by what she had done, Shirin turned around to face a third vampire that she had failed to see before. As she saw his face she started screaming even louder, tears streaming down her cheeks unchecked. She was looking at the face of the vampire she had killed but days ago.

'Recognise me, do you?' the vampire hissed at her. 'You should, you know. Since you killed my brother.'

He grabbed her by the arms and turned her around, forcing her to look at her brother's body once more.

'Do you see that?' he growled close to her ear, so that she would hear it even through her mindless screaming. 'That is your own doing. You've slain your own brother. You will remember this for the rest of your life, and your life will be eternal. This is my revenge.'

The vampire bowed his head and bit Shirin's neck, draining her of blood. When she was almost dead the other vampires held her upright while he used a dagger to cut his wrist, letting the blood drip. He pressed his wrist towards Shirin's mouth, she tried to use her last powers to move her head, but the vampires held it still, forcing her to taste the vampire's blood. Powerless to stop it she could feel it poisoning her soul, and soon she lost consciousness.

When Shirin finally regained her senses it was nighttime. The moon was casting an eerie light into the hall, edging her family's lifeless bodies in silver. She could feel the change that had taken place in her body and soul. There were no feelings left inside of her, none except the guilt and grief.

Shirin buried her family's bodies in a small, moonlit glade in the forest, reading a silent prayer over their unmarked graves. After shedding the last tears her soul could conjure she left the place she had called home to never return.