We’ve been walking around these catacombs for uncountable days now. Any idea of day and night has faded away with time we’ve spent down here. We are tired and I don’t know how long Ayra can hold on. Bowen seems to be doing alright and I… I’m trying not to give up hope. From the moment we’ve set foot in this damned place, I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy assignment.

During a war between two rival kingdoms, the king's family got cursed by the enemies advisor. This man had studied deep in the black arts and placed an unpleasant curse over the family in order to let the king surrender. The prince wouldn't see the end of the war and the queen would die of grief shortly afterwards. This was the curse which troubled the king very much. He would lose his kingdom either way, or by surrendering or by winning and losing his successor. Since the king loved his wife, only son and subjects very much, he didn't accept either of the two possibilities and summoned the three of us to the palace. He ordered us to find and capture this advisor and break the curse one way or the other by any means. We followed the tracks of this man behindenemies lines to a small forgotten city.

The dripping of water from the ceiling echoes through the catacombs. The sound of it goes through our bones and as much as we would like it to stop we are living on the water for our water supply has emptied.  Our food supply is shrinking as well and since Ayra is sick and weak she can’t create food withher magic. I have tried to slow the poison in her body, but my knowledge about this poison is too little. We need to get out of this place and find her a decent healer, but ever since we fell through the trapdoor we’ve been lost and unable to find our way back.. Every turn that we make seems to lead us further down in the catacombs. Every hallway looked like the previous one. The beauty of the catacombs vanished after several days and soon frustration made place for fear and despair after we fell through the trapdoor and Ayra got poisoned by that spider attack

Where we were helped by an old senile witch. She told us of the secret catacombs and a society of mages hiding in there. I doubted her wisdom, but there was no harm in believing her, or so i thought. The entrance was located somewhere in the sewers, which we easily found thanks to the help of the old witch. Hidden by a magic spell, which Ayra found fast since we knew what we were looking for. I should had distrusted the quickness in which we got help and found the entrance, but we were all to happy, that we didn’t had to search that filthy sewer, to think about any kind of set-up.

Ayra’s condition is getting worse and I’m afraid she won’t make it much longer. Her breathing is becoming irregular and her veins can be clearly seen in her face. Bowen is taken care of her as best as he can, but I can see by his looks that he knows that is effort is futile. The light in her eyes flickers and she has lost contact with us. Not only the king and his kingdom seem to be cursed, but everything he touches as well.

We were amazed by the beauty of the catacombs when we entered. A long hallway led towards a bright lighted large room. Large statues of fierce warriors stood against the wall of the hallway. It was as if they guarded the room in front of us against unwanted visitors. We had no choice but to proceed and slowly we headed towards the room. On our way I disarmed one dart trap until we finally came in the large room, what looked like a place where people gathered. Numerous passages led to this room and we were clueless which passage to take to find our goal.