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                  The Monthly Imagica  Ezine - Issue nr 1
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A monthly magazine concerning the MUD Imagica. This is an 
interactive magazine so your input is very much appreciated. If you
want something in the Imagizine, then mail me (Cestus) at Erik@Nai.nu so 
that I can put it in.

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                              ~~ News ~~
Hear Ye, Hear Ye.
The very first issue of the ImagicaMUD monthly Ezine has been released.
The Imagizine will bring you all kinds of news about quests / houses /
clans / comments from players / and much much more. At the end of this
Ezine you can find all information how to e-mail the people you want to
contact. And info about where to find homepages, etc.

The Imagizine will also be available on the Imagica Homepage, where you 
can review this issue.

I would like to thank the very few people that have subscribed, hopefully
after other people have read it on the homepage they will subscribe to so
that we can reach all the players on Imagica for which the Imagizine is 
intended. The more input I get from all the players, the more I can put 
in and, thus the more fun this Magazine wil be.

I ask all the people that are reading this, to spread the word about this
Magazine so that it can grow and grow, also I very much appreciate commentary
on the magazine, maybe you want something in here that isn't or maybe add
some comments yourself ? 

The magazine will probably be released at the start of each month, unless
nobody responds and thus I have nothing to put in the magazine.

Have fun reading Imagizine and tell me what you think of it at Erik@nai.nu
-- Your daemonic editor, Cestus.

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                             ~~ Policy ~~
For everyone that hasn't read the Imagica policy! READ IT! You can read
our policy at either the Homepage www.jimagica.net or by typing "policy"
when you are playing. If you play Imagica you are obligated to behave 
by the simple rules that are stated in the policy.
-- You friendly neighborhood Gaffer, Cestus

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                             ~~ Quests ~~
Gday Mudders.

I have been asked to write a bit about certain problems that have occurred
in our peaceful little mud. It seems that we are in serious need of some
adventurers. I have been told that there is a sweet old man somewhere in
teldar who has lost his dagger. Now i know for a fact that if someone would
return that dagger to him, he would be eternally grateful. And beside that
i think he'll reward you too.

There are also several other problems that have been recorded and stored in
the teldar library. If anyone would like more info on, say, Rome's
problems, the person in question could visit the teldar library to see what
is going on there.
Just be sure to be quiet when you are in the library, the librarian is very
fond of his rest. He will tell you more about certain books if you ask him

For the rest, i think that if you search good enough, you'll find more
problems to be solved, and you'll also find that solving the problems will
be a rewarding business. Good luck in finding them, 
-- Your Elemental Director, Radagast

[King Welmar]
Rumors goes that King Welmar is inviting Ceasar from Rome these days at his 
palace for some resons. Guards wispher that there King plays chess with him 
others say that the Ceasar is so strest he needs a break these days and the 
King feels sorry for him. But it's a fact that there king is getting richer 
and richer these days, if this comes from Ceasar's visits or the raise of 
taes? Nobody knows,. The King also doesn't trust his guard anymore,.. 
every time he goes into the treasure room all the money he keeps in there is
gone. The guards Dick and David who's task it is to guard the room say that 
adventurers steal there key to the treasure room or that the lost it.

King Welmar is so mad about it that he's gona think about a new place to 
hide his personal treasures. He won't tell anyone about his new hiding 
place. Not even his trusty butler James

Hopefully things will go better for the King.

[The Bard Gronthius]
Everyone has heard from the Bard Gronthius that's visiting Teldar for his 
quest to collect peoms and songs for the little sad Prinses. Gronthius is 
still waiting for some poems from other cities, he send scouts away to 
collect them for him so that he can stay here in Teldar. When all the 
poems are collected he will proutly present the winning poem/song and give 
the winner his beautifull amulet. This amulet is unique and will be made 
only 1 time. The amulet represents the status of the bard and its goodlooking

When this annountsment will take place everybody in Imagica will get an 
inventation to join the party. Time and place will be noticed.
-- Gyancher

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                             ~~ Houses ~~
All people who bought house's without special requests end up at the Dino
neighborhood. Dolune was the first who had his house built at a nice place.

His house is built just south outside Teldar, south from the Barallake,
north from the large woods. He enjoys the peace outside the city and walks into
the city in 10 minutes. He's close to the Dragon Mountain passage, if he
feels like exploring beyond the dragon mountains he doesn't have to walk far.

Maybe, when you ever get to buy a house, you can look for a nice spot
within the world. Of course the Gods will decide if the spot is suitable 
for a house.
-- Venice

[Houses for Sale]
The High Counsil of Teldar was walking trough the Dinostreet last week and they 
saw all the new citizens in Teldar. There eyes blinked and there ears heared 
gold rinkeling. As they walked down the street they also saw that many houses 
where old and empty. Some players moved out to another place, some tell that 
they moved to the heavens, but there not dead.

The counsil ask the major of Teldar how this can happen? Players that have left 
there mortality? And asked him what to do with there houses? Because now the 
rentcollector Gyancher can't collect money for these persones there houses. 
A small counsil member wanted to break down there houses, some others came with 
the idea to let them pay... The major shaked his head and told the counsil that 
he personal will take action on this matter. He will ask the players if they 
want to keep there mortal houses but then they have to pay for it, the other 
option was to sell the house to another character of them. This option will 
cost 10.000 gold and then the rent continues every month.

The counsil looked satified and started to count the money they can get from 
the players with these options. The major started his drinks again,...

For more information ask Gyancher the Rent collector in the city.
-- Gyancher

I was asked to write down some information about the current housing system in 

Imagica offers the players the possibility to buy a house and exchange the daily 
rent costs for the monthly house payments. Paying monthly will, in long terms, 
free you from paying a lot of money per object per day. This means that you will 
pay only for your house and once a month. 

Not paying this payment will result in warnings and finally in loosing your house. 
And of course, abusing the system with for example keeping sixteen Diamond Edged 
Swords in your house will not be tolerated.

Houses are currently placed in Dinostreet Teldar, but there are plans in which 
other hometowns will be open for new houses later on. 

Procedures for buying a house
1. Contact the rent-master (Gyancher) and the Assistant Master Builder (Random),
   and tell them you want to buy a house. 
2. Pay the house buying-fee (10.000 gold) to the rent-master, and send a house    
   description to the AMB (Assistant Master Builder). The description may be of
   two rooms each with a maximum of 4 extra descriptions(look closet, look wall,
3. Wait for the AMB to build the house and get word of your payment, so that he 
   can activate it for you. Only after you get word of a High God that your 
   house is activated you can use it. NOT BEFORE. Your house being in the mud is 
   not always the same as having it as a working house.
4. Pay the montly rents every month.

There is a limitation of 30 objects per house, this is to keep the balance in 
the game.

Also i want to make sure that you know that, houses cannot be build as soon as 
you ask for it. As with other points, High Gods are busy people, they dont have 
time (working) to build houses all day long. But the AMB will do his best to 
create them as fast as he can.

Also, a married couple can buy a house with one extra room, 1 for each person and 
1 extra room in which they can make a living room or whatever they want. Some 
people might want to build a zone around their house, they can do so but get 
only 3 rooms in the zone for which their house is. The rest of this zone is public 
teritory around their house.

The current costs:
House buying = 10.000 gold
Rent payment per month = 4.000 gold
Extra room for married couple = 250 gold
-- Random, God of Light and Darkness (AMB)

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                             ~~ Clans ~~
There are currently 7 clans around in Imagica:

#    CLAN                               CLAN LEADER      CLAN REPR.     
     ----                               -----------      ----------     
[ 1] [The Daggers Of Destiny (DOD)    ] [Gollem        ] [Radagast      ]
[ 2] [The White Setherial (TWS)       ] [Danarith      ] [Mender        ]
[ 3] [The Warlock Clan (WAR)          ] [Sparhawk      ] [Venice        ]
[ 4] [Army of Darkness and Death (ADD)] [Gandalf       ] [Dunga         ]
[ 5] [The Heavenly Disorder (THD)     ] [Duncan        ] [Cestus        ]
[ 6] [Defenders Of Justice (DOJ)      ] [Steele        ] [Quickblade    ]
[ 7] [The Raging Beserkers (TRB)      ] [Kulgan        ] [Blip          ]

To find more information about the clans, check out their homepages, where most
of the information can be found, otherwise type "clist" and check who is the
Repres / Leader of the clan (or look in the list here) and Mud-Mail to get 
information about the clan, thus what they do, what their policies are, etc.

In the next Imagizine I'll get more into each clan. What they do, what they 
stand for, what are the benifits / drawbacks, how to join, etc
-- Cestus, the God of War

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                      ~~ The free comment Area ~~
This is YOUR area, anything that you want to let others now you can put here.
Just mail Cestus (Erik@Nai.nu) and I will put your message in this Area.

Submitted by: Random

Greetings mortals,
I have received only a few comments of people making logos for the contest,
If you want to make (or are making logos) please mail me, cause as i see it now
the contest is only a contest between 3 people or so.. We will sit this one
through but, a bit competition is never bad.. I will put an completion date
on the social board a while from now, but you'll hear it then...
For the people that didn't got the message or forgotten about it..
The idea was to create an imagica t-shirt for promotion purposes and 
fun, i offered a reward for the one that makes the coolest imagica design
which can fill a whole t-shirt. When these t-shirts are finishes, people
can buy em in a huge group thus making it cheaper per person.
The logo or design can encompass the whole t-shirt or just parts, but it
has to be put on a black t-shirt and front and back.. The idea is to
mail me the logos for the t-shirt and i will decide which one can become
a t-shirt with consulting the other high gods... 
Please react this time to this idea, to me it sounds cool, if you dont want
to wear it, why not having one in your room at the wall.. Just for FUN!
People wear t-shirts of their favorite bands, so why not of their favorite
game Imagica?

  Random God of Light and Darkness

Submitted by: Gulo the Explorer

The higher Gods are disappointed. They are disappointed in the fact that 
just a handful of people have the courage to really explore.

There are such beautiful countries and woods in the world that are not seen 
by many. The people of today just run from teldar to elven forest, to Rome
and back. Some just portal around from one monster to the next.

How many of you know how to get to Trikesor other then by portalling to him ?
How many know where the mistress lives and how you get to her ?
How many know how to find the Gargoyle ?

Has anyone ever seen a Lamia ? a red Wolf ? a True Necromancer ?
Crystal Spiders ? Stone Gollems ?

                                        Howling Rock 
Flying                  . Fargolroad . . . .
Dutchman               .                    .
           /    Elven ... Castle ... .   .  .  .  .  .
Ocean    /   .  Forest               ...      #####   .
      /   .     /-----------------\  .      #######   .
    /----.-------       Barallake   |-Teldar  #####     .
 /     .       |                    | .                   .
      .   Tower \__________________/   . ###                 .
   Rome . .          |     . . . . . .######                .
  ####  ^ ^  ^    ^  |  ^  .^  ^   ^^ ^ ###                .
    ^Dragonmountains | ^ ^^. ^   ^  ^ ^^           . .  . .
  ^    ^     ^   ^   |     .                             .
          ^        /  \    .         #####                .
      Collasha   | Largol| ##     Shadow Grove
         .       \ _Lake/ . . . . .  .                    .
           .  . .  ###  .   # .                          .
              .   #####    ###  . Nivrim .  .  .  .  .
            ###    ###      #

. = road   ^ = mountain   - = river   # = Forest   | = river

Let this map inspire you...



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                             ~~ Quotes ~~
The area will be used to put all your quotes on. To enter a quote please 
mail Cestus (Erik@Nai.nu), and I will put your quote in.

Submitted by: Cestus

I always wanted to be somebody... but I should have been more specific.

Submitted by: Gyancher

If someone becomes somebody, then why try to be a someone again?

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                             ~~ Adverts ~~
This area is used for adverts. Anyone can send in their own advert, 
just mail Cestus (Erik@Nai.nu) and I will put your advert in. 
(This of course has to concern Imagica).

Submitted by: Cestus

Getting sick and tired of all those goody goodies running around ?
Fed up with the Holy opressing you all the time ?

Join The Heavenly Disorder and we'll bring an end to all that.
All you have to do is sell your soul and get A clan item, a weekly
clan magazine, the help of other clanmembers, a clan chat..and much more.

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                            ~~ Problems ? ~~
If you are having any kinds of problems (troubles) with another person playing
Imagica. (Harassing, speaking foul language, etc) then please contact either
me (Cestus) or Trixor via mud-mail or E-Mail so that we can take the 
appropriate actions against that person. Remember, all players are actual
real life people behind a computer, so treat them as you would like to be
treated yourself. E-Mail addresses can be found below (In the Imagica Info).

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                          ~~ Unsubscribing ~~
To unsubscribe yourself from this magazine, thus you don't want to receive this
magazine anymore then. Just mail to listserv at email.jimagica.net with "signoff mortals"
in the body and you will automatically be removed. This means however that you
will also be removed from the mortal mailinglist.

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                           ~~ Old issues ~~
For all people that have missed / lost old issues, and want ro read them. 
All the old issues as well as the current issue can be found on the Imagica
homepage at www.jimagica.net

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                           ~~ Imagica Info ~~
Imagica Homepage           - https://jimagica.net
Mud Address                - jimagica.net  (port:4000 or 119) 

E-Mail Aragorn  (Producer) - Aragorn at email.jimagica.net
E-Mail Hero     (Producer) - Hero at email.jimagica.net
E-Mail Mender   (Co-prod)  - Mender at email.jimagica.net
E-Mail Venice   (Co-prod)  - Venice at email.jimagica.net
E-Mail Radagast (Director) - Radagast at email.jimagica.net
E-Mail Random   (Director) - Vriens@Casema.net
E-Mail Cestus   (Gaffer)   - Erik@Nai.nu
E-Mail Trixor   (Gaffer)   - Trixor@Worldcity.nl


Aragorn  - God of Balance
Hero     - God of Balance
Mender   - God of Life
Venice   - God of Death
Radagast - God of Elements
Random   - God of Darkness and Light
Cestus   - God of War
Trixor   - God of Peace
Clan Homepages:

the Daggers Of Destiny (DOD)     http://www.si.hhs.nl/~v962931/
The White Setherial (TWS)        http://www.euronet.nl/~mender/clan
WARlock clan (WAR)               http://www.fictional.net/warlock/war.htm
Army of Darkness and Death (ADD) http://www.si.hhs.nl/~v962789/clan.htm
The Heavenly Disorder (THD)      http://www.nai.nu/thd
Defenders Of Justice (DOJ)       http://www.xs4all.nl/~mellow
The Raging Bersekers (TRB)       http://www.geocities.com/Wellesley/Gazebo/9848

Clan E-Mail contacts:

the Daggers Of Destiny (DOD)     - Radagast at email.jimagica.net
The White Setherial (TWS)        - Mender at email.jimagica.net
WARlock clan (WAR)               - Venice at email.jimagica.net
Army of Darkness and Death (ADD) - Vriens@Casema.net
The Heavenly Disorder (THD)      - Erik@Nai.nu
Defenders Of Justice (DOJ)       - Cldoj@hotmail.com
The Raging Bersekers (TRB)       - Trbimagica@hotmail.com

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                             ~~ Credits ~~
Editor: Cestus, the God of War
Thanx to (for writing articles or other things): Radagast, Venice, Random, Gulo,
Gyancher, Random, and anyone who actually read this ;)

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                        Have fun playing Imagica :)
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