A short and incomplete list of changes and happenings around Imagica MUD.

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16 January 2020

The stories have been cleaned up in formatting/markup to make everything look as consistent as possible. The text of the stories have been kept true to their original but now it should all look good. Also some stories had encoding problems that made it hard to read; these should all be corrected now too. want to say there were a few).

There have been some code updates since I last noted them but I (Metgod) am rather out of my reckoning and I am not sure when I'll get to documenting these changes on the website. There have been many losses including four deaths in my family within the space of a few months and I have very much other things going on. Thus this is all I have to report for now.

16 December 2017

I (Metgod) am slowly returning to Imagica. I have actually made some code changes and if there are any that should be noted they will be on the code news page (I didn't put them in today and I do not remember if there were any non-internal changes: I want to say there were a few).

On 27/November/2017 I modified the behaviour of handling of falling through holes. Dexterity and how well learnt you are in acrobatics reduces the chance of falling through holes under certain conditions. For every hole you fall through you lose 1hp (this means if you're very low on health and very unlucky you can indeed die: if this were to ever become a problem we can reimburse you the experience points but since we carefully evaluate areas/zones this shouldn't be an issue). Each movement type (walking [default], climbing, jumping and crawling) now evaluates whether you should fall or not (more specifically the function that handles falling knows what type of movement you performed); the idea here is in the future that eventually if you for example fail to jump over a hole you would fall through it but if you succeed then you wouldn't fall (since you've actually made it beyond the hole). There are more possibilities with this change but they are further down the road (and if you like the rabbit hole?).

14 September 2017

It's been a very long time since there have been any updates in Imagica or here; I (Metgod) have not actually thought much of Imagica in most of this time. The truth of the matter is I have a lot going in my life at this time and so for now I'm unable to update Imagica or the website. This isn't to say I am retiring but it is to say for the meantime I am on a hiatus: perhaps a very long hiatus but Imagica does enter my mind from time to time (and I'm incidentally still in touch with several of the old staff: Aragorn, Radagast, Lunah, Shayla and Mandos to be specific). So for now I will just say thank you to everyone over the years and know that I've had the best of time with you all; I don't know when I will return but what I do know is Imagica has always been something I'm extremely fond of and I don't let go of my passions easily or gladly; but life is just too hectic at this time to work on pastimes like Imagica. There are some working changes but before any of that comes in I will have to recover and as I said I don't know when that will be. If anyone has a need (or even wants to chat) you can always email me (find it on the contact page) and I will gladly respond. Farewell for a time.

28 February 2017

Within the past several months there have been significant changes much of which have no affect on players; some however do affect players and can be found here as well as a few minor world fixes under world news.

  • The commands to display (in prompt) the diagnosis (in percent) of (if you are in combat) your opponent is now display percent instead of display diag2 (to display the description as if you were to use the 'diagnose' command you still can do display diagnose or abbreviate it e.g. display diag or display perc.
  • Languages elven and dwarven are now elvish and dwarvish because the former implies to do with Elves and Dwarves and not the languages of.
  • Characters no longer get hungry and thirsty in combat and being hungry and thirsty no longer affect regen during combat.
  • Several spells affections have been updated to show messages in 'score' as well as wear off messages (spells can be created/updated/fixed live and now spell messages are completely gone from code thereby allowing us to fix these issues without any downtime).

15 March 2016

Major code updates, including one which gives all HERO players (level 90) new spells/skills/etc. (Yes, Avatars once again get every single spell/skill/all the others except songs which are exclusive to Bards) Another update is an implementation of a chat history system (at the suggestion of Mithrandir - thanks Mith!). World has also been updated. See the World News and Code News links at the top or check 'news' and 'worldnews' in game.

Metgod (that is, I) am working slowly on the website because we'll be honest: it needs an overhaul. This will take time because I much prefer working on the MUD itself (see below also). At some point we will also add Imagica back to The MUD Connector. I've not done this because firstly I only recently thought of this problem after we lost our original domain, second because I was thinking of waiting until the rewrite is completed (which technically is in beta but I've not announced it here due to lack of energy and forgetfulness - somewhat like updating the news regularly) and third because I think the website should be much more inviting. I'm also pondering ways to make a new map because the one we have drawn by Venice is way out of date (and I note a misunderstanding on his part with the name of the zone 'Hig Heron'; see World News for that). Finally, I note that some of the guides are also out of date. I'm also contemplating working on an Imagica MUD client (a standalone Java application so that it works on different platforms). All in all, despite the lack of updates here there are a lot of things going on with regard to Imagica.

25 April 2015

- Several code updates have been implemented; see the Code News for more information.

6 November, 2013

- A significant world update has been added to the MUD. See the specific sections above for details.

9 July, 2013

- A significant world update and code update have been added to the MUD. See the specific sections above for details.

9 March, 2013

Although this has been noted in the actual MUD it has not been here because of a lot of real-life situations: ImagicaMUD has been undergoing some major developmental changes. The MUD is currently being reprogrammed from scratch along with a completely new class and race system. Although much of this is actually done it is not ready for beta testing yet. Unfortunately, I (Metgod) have been quite unwell and things have been going slow for some time. More to follow in due time (hopefully not too long but the jury is still out).

30 September, 2010

The Gods of Imagica have been active again for some while it seems. You can read the detailed reports in Code and World News.

22 January, 2005

Imagica has been updated with both new code and new world. You can read the detailed reports in Code and World News.

October, 2004

There was a major code update. You can read the detailed report in the Code News.

12 October, 2004

The Website has been updated with a frameless version to allow for more dynamic content.

31 May, 2004

Imagica has been updated with some new zones, among them a new hometown - for dwarves called Brinor. The City of Rome is no more, having been replaced by a flourishing harbour town called Tangryn Haven. There were more zones included in the update, of course, but we can't list them all here. The code was updated with several bugfixes and new possibilities for builders when creating new worlds, amongst other things. For example your victims will no longer stand idly by and let you shoot at them, but there is a possibility that they will hunt you down for it.

March, 2004

Roitar has left the REI Team and has been replaced by two mortal REI Team members: Amaranthys and Blip. Another thing which has happened is that Mandos who is our former Status Master has been promoted to Spellmaster on an Editor level. Also Metgod has been promoted, he's now at Gaffer level since he's a Coder as well as Asst. Master Builder. Aphrael has resigned and is no longer active. LadyXera has opted for a mortal life so that she could marry her long time love Blip.

6 December, 2003

The code and world in Imagica has been updated. There have been a lot of bugfixes and several new zones have been added.

26 November, 2003

Metgod has been promoted to Builder. He will be assisting the Master Builder in coaching new builders throughout the building process as well as helping with other building related matters.

September, 2003

Roitar and Rhapsody have been promoted to Actors to assist with promoting Role Playing in Imagica.

10 July, 2003

The website has been updated with new sections. There is still a lot of information that needs to be added, and will be during the following weeks. A new tool has been added where you can see who's online in Imagica from the website's main page. Other new features are Archives, Contacts (not yet filled out) and Game Play information. In the Archives players of Imagica can send in their character information, stories and art amongst other things.

14 May, 2003

Imagica has been updated both with code and world. Several new zones have been added, amongst them two new hometowns. (One for Goblins and one for Giants)

19 April, 2003

The Imagica Clan Policy has been updated. The new policy can be found on the website in the Clans section. There is now also an online request form for clans.

April, 2003

Photos since the Immortal meeting that took place on 28th of March can be found here for those interested.

March, 2003

Radagast has decided to resign his post as coder due to lack of time. Mender has resigned as Master Builder, the task taken up by Lunah. Mender is instead taking on a more supervisory role. Atrus has taken on the task of Head of REI, and has also joined the Quest team. Crisstilynn joins the Quest team and REI as a valued member.

November, 2002

Nix resigns as Head REI and Questmaster. Aphrael appears as our new Questmaster and Rhyaehar is promoted to Promoter level.

August/September, 2002

Some changes are happening in Imagica's Immortal Realms. Aragorn is retiring, but will still be part of Imagica, although more as a background figure. Mender and Radagast are new Producers, Radagast being responsible for coding and Mender for the world. Shayla and Lunah are made Co-Producers, keeping track of the online problems and coaching both mortals and immortals in the day to day life. Atrus is the new Gaffer, responsible of solving problems in the mortal world. Crisstilynn is the new Clan Mistress who will handle the clans. Mandos is the new Status Master, responsible for holding Mayor elections and coaching the current mayors, as well as finding ways to optimize the status system.

August, 2002

Puck resigns as Clan Master.

8 July, 2002

A small world update has been done. 3 new zones has entered Imagica. These are: Amazon Stronghold, The Village of Ceronia and the Abandoned Ruins.

July, 2002

Most of the information available on houses can now be found on Imagica's website. A request form has also been added where players can request their houses directly online. Mithrandir has been elected Mayor of the Elven Forest. Myzticdragon was elected Mayor of Nivrim and Disa Mayor of Teldar.

March, 2002

The Clans section has been slightly altered to now also contain some information about the clans. There will be some general clan information as well as a summary of the history and policy. (For more information the curious one can then go further to the clan's own website.)

17 February, 2002

Imagica has been updated to a new code! Bugs have been fixed and more will be fixed as they might pop up in the next few days. Shayla has been promoted to Gaffer and Nix to Quest Master.

January, 2002

The new Clan Master, Puck steps in to take over the clans after LadyXera's resignation.

December, 2001

Muerioch is promoted to REI, to assist Nix in making the Imagicans RP more.

November, 2001

Nix is promoted to Head REI. (Roleplaying Enhancement Immortal) Adding parts to Imm/Wizlist about each God and Immortal.

October, 2001

Changing looks of Quests, also adding some new parts to it. Changing look of Credits and Imm/Wizlist.

September, 2001

Shayla and Asgaroth are promoted to Quest Masters.

27 August, 2001

Imagica moves from Syntegra to Aragorn's server. The speed should now be somewhat faster and updates easier to make.

June, 2001

Imagica is converted from binary files to ASCII files to make the transfer between servers easier. Imagica will soon move from Syntegra.

January, 2001

LadyXera is promoted to new Clan Mistress.

November/December, 2000

Changes being done in the Imp-team. Some "old" immortals retire (due to lack of time) and new inforcements is brought in with Trixor, Lunah and Daemon. Cestus and Plymptoon leaves Imagica for new adventures.

2 October, 2000

Added the clanpolicy and warningpolicy to the policy section. 2 more future clans added.

24 September, 2000

Gigantic immense major UPDATE of the M.U.D. Read all about in Imagizine, the Imagica Magazine.

July, 2000

Lunah and Dani are the new Questmasters to entertain the more experienced players.

March, 2000

Plymptoon is the new Statusmaster.


It turns out Ross Henderson (Legolas) is still alive and was playing a sick joke, Imagica is no longer dedicated to him.


Lee is the new Clan Mistress.

15 June, 1999

Gigantic immense major UPDATE of the M.U.D. Read all about in Imagizine, the Imagica Magazine.

9 April, 1999

Hompage redesigned, not graphically but technically. It will be screen resolution independant and updated. There has been some bug updated for problems people had with their title dissapearing when logging in.The first issue of the Imagica Magazine has been released.

March, 1999

Venice started programming a Windows 95/98/nt Imagica-Telnet program. First release soon.

5 October, 1998

Again a new code update has seen the light. Slowly Imagica is going towards another stage in MUD design. Alot of stuff is still being tested.

12 July, 1998

The new code/world update is a fact. Loaded with lots of new added things. Players can enjoy it all, as we (well some of us) take a very small break for the summer.

June, 1998

A month of hard work, we expect to bring both a new code update, and a world update at the same time in July. We hope players notice that Imagica has a very positive grow, so bring your friends ;)

15 May, 1998

After a two weeks down time we are happy to report that Imagica is back online. For details read the MOTD (Mortal Message Of The Day)

April, 1998

A Worldupdate by Mender, we are getting more and improved mobprogs.

February, 1998

After a long time, this Homepage will get new impulses of update.

September, 1997

Venice has withdrawn as Masterbuilder, he explained his interest in Mud was too low, too low to be worth the title of Masterbuilder, now Mender has taken his place. Mender is very enthusiastic in MUD and AD&D.


Homepage revision. Now it looks like a scroll.


Not much visible activity at the moment, the story is that Aragorn is busy with a major Code update and Venice has a World update almost ready.


We've had Crashes updates, Harddisk crashes of the good old server and now we are back online and "Glowing in a bright light" on a brand new server *twinkle*.


We got a mirror mud running on some site in Puerto Rico (USA) This is not very normal for a MUD, but we always like to inspire people to create and maintain MUDS.
It has it's own world (VERY standard at the moment) but it seems to me that some very motivated people are there to set the world up.


Venice is preparing the first Auto-Quests for implementation !
Teldar MAP available on the homepage.


We have opened officially, MUD is hungry for players
We have been added to the MUD-Connector list !


Newbie-help available at homepage.


Homepage is on-line
MUD is online, hungry for implementations and updates
The first test-players arrive


We have a site thanks to Syntegra Internetservice