Imagica's Clan Policy

Differantiations for Clans

Each new clan must have a new and original idea. We do not want to see several clans with the same background story. From time to time, it may be in the interest of good role-play for two clans which are similar to be in existence. If your clan idea is similar to another, it is necessary to obtain authorization before going ahead with your story.

If you feel your background is similar to another clan, but still want your clan in place, simply mail the story along with the reason you believe an exception should be made to the presiding clan immortal. That immortal will discuss the possibility of an exception with the Imp-team and together they will make a decision.


Each clan must have both a leader and a representative. The leader will direct the clan and move them toward greatness. For this reason, the clan leader must be a mortal of at least level 40. The clan leader is responsible for ensuring that all members follow both clan and Imagica policy. Because of this responsibility, the leader and representative of a new clan may have NO warnings within the past 12 months.

The clan representative reports the progress and concerns of the clan to the presiding clan Immortal. As this is a prestigious position, the clan representative must be a mortal of Hero level.

Each clan may also choose one member, of level 40 or higher, to act as honour member. This person is given the leadership commands, so that they are able to act in the place of the leader, if for any reason the leader should be unable to perform his/her duties. The honour member in no way replaces the leader, and must always act in the same way the leader would act. For this reason, he/she should be chosen very carefully.

Startup Fee

Each clan must pay a starting fee of 20,000 golden dukats before implementation of a new clan.

Demands for Starting a Clan

As previously noted, each clan must have a background story. This story is to be written in such a format that it can be copied and pasted, without editing, to the Imagica website's clan page.

Because each member of a clan must know what behavior is expected of him/her, each clan must have a written policy, including any penalties for breaking that policy.

As noted previously, the concept of the clan must be original. If your concept is similar, but you still feel it will enhance role-play, an exception may be made with the consent of the Imp-team. (Please see Differentiations for Clans.)

The clan must have a leader, a representative and a minimum of three confirmed members.

Since everyone wants and needs an opportunity to advance, the clan must have levels within its group, with titles attached to each level.

Clan Zone

Each clan is strongly urged to create a clan zone which may house clan members and provide a place to hold meetings. If you choose to create a clan zone, you must first mail a clan zone proposal to the presiding Immortal specifying the type and number of mobs and objects to be loaded there, as well as some idea of what sort of rooms will be in the zone. (In this way, we will not be simply duplicating another zone.)

A zone which is for the exclusive use of clan members may not exceed 100 rooms. If the zone is intended to be open to the public, a section of rooms may be set aside for housing and meetings and may be more than 100 rooms. The maximum number in this case will be set by the Master Builder.

The clan zone must be in an area away from the commonly used areas, and it should be difficult to reach.

When building your clan zone, it must be technically written according to the 'Building.doc' which can be obtained through the Master Builder. (Lunah at

Clan Skills and Items

Each clan will want to be easily recognized by the items and skills which they use. For this reason, a certain number of special skills and items are allowed for the exclusive use of the clan members.

Two clan items will be allowed which will benefit the clan members. These items must be original in appearance and statistics. They must also relate to the clan concept. For each positive statistic on the item, however, an equal negative statistic must be included. This is to preserve balance.

Two additional items may be requested for the sake of role-play. These items may be held or worn, but may have no attributes. The only exception is that one role-play item may be a light.

Two clan skills may be requested. These must be clan-related and original. Strong skills, such as those equal to portal, charm, or conjure are not allowed. Skills may include spells, provided that each member of the clan is able to cast spells.

Clan Flag

The three-letter clan flag is to be chosen at the time of proposal of the clan. This flag may be requested in a specific color.


Each clan is encouraged to create a website of their own, for the enlightenment of both clan members and other players. If your clan wishes to have its own web site, it must contain a link also to the Imagica website,

PLEASE NOTE: For the sake of good role-play, all requests are considered on a CHARACTER BY CHARACTER basis and not on a player by player basis.

To propose a new clan, please email a clan proposal form, along with the required information, to clan at, or you can fill out the form online on the website.

Clan Proposal Form (.txt version)
Clan Proposal Form (web based form)