In the road between time and space, clans have formed and grown. During the battle of time and Immortallity, the clans need to be protected by a hero.

Army of Death and Darkness (ADD)
The vampiric clan among all other clans. Driven by the thirst of blood they wander around at night.

Your Clan?

Dragons in Exile (DIE)

WolfRiders (WOF)
A clan of those who lived alone, seeking other company. They have now joined together with a tribe of wolves who consider them their friends.

Sentinels of Soraya (SoS)
SoS is a clan of knowledge, where people from all classes and races have gathered together to help those in need.

Order of Serenity (OOS)

If you are interested in creating your own clan, please read the Clan Policy before you start.

Once you have read the policy and worked out your clan idea, you can either e-mail it to clans at, or use the request form.
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