Sentinels of Soraya

Name:Sentinels of Soraya
Entrance Level:40
Contact Mail:Disa at

History Summary:
The Sentinels of Soraya are a group of mixed individuals who all have a lot of experience and knowledge about Imagica. You can turn to the members of SoS for advice and questions about the world.

The clan was formed by Disa and Arwen in memory of Disa's younger sister, Soraya, who fell victim to the evils of the world through her innocense. They've made it the clan's goal to teach others to take care of themselves so that they will not meet the same fate as Soraya.

Policy Summary:
SoS Members:
- Respect other players; Immortals as well as Mortals
- Assist by answering questions and gives good advice
- Set a good example to others
- Explore