How to play Imagica MUD

So you want to try our MUD

To learn to play MUD, you need to take your time for it. Start at a boring Sunday afternoon,
or some mid-week evening, the times you would normally go surf the Web a little.
When you are an advanced player (some day) you will be able to play MUD, and
browse the web at the same time without dying in the MUD.

Oke, i will help you start. Ofcourse you will need time to learn to play.
At the start you will see too much text and too much interesting things to
read it all. Especially when an advanced player helps you, you will definetely
loose track of the whole situation.


What is a mud.
Why text ?
Why still text ?
So what can i do in this 'MUD'
Connecting to Imagica MUD
How to know if you are connected
Creating your playing character
Playing the game
How to fight a monster.
Kill, murder, considering a creature
About Staying Fit - Eating and Drinking:
Renting a room/Ending the game
(MUD)Mailing people and writing on boards.
General tips

What is a mud.

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Ofcourse I could ask you to read the Frequently Asked Questions first, but i will explain in

MUD stands for Multi User Dimension (or Dungeon). Maybe you played on your old
Commodore 64 games like 'the Hobbit', if so, you're going to love this. It's all about text
adventures. You are walking in a living book. You walk through a world described by text.

Everything is there, everything is described by text. You will become thirsty, hungry, you will
be hurt, you might be able to use magic or some devastating fighting techniques and i promise,
you will die several times (Yes, I know this sounds weird)

One of the most important sides of playing MUD is being with a great number of people in the
same game. You can talk, fight together, go explore the world together, learn from eachother
about the world of Imagica MUD, itís a social event. A MUD is a program that runs on a
Computer that is connected to the Internet, you use a telnet session to connect to it and play.
It's all about text

Why text ?

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In the beginning, when some computerfreaks started to write a MUDprogram, all this Graphical
stuff wasn't that great and normal, so they probably didnít think about it that much.

Why still text ?

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Well, text has a number of advantages. Example, the data needed to be transferred to your
computer is minimal, so it will keep the gameplay speed high. Further, you can compare it with
books, books are powerful. When it says "a High Tower", no matter how good/bad your fantasy
is, that Tower will be big in your imagination. Also text is easy to maintain and the world is
easy to expand.

So what can i do in this 'MUD'

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You can play MUD with quite large different goals. It's possible to level in the mud, meaning
you will gain a higher level. This is needed to being able to learn new skills and to increase
your stamina. Further there will be Quests for your enjoyment, the Immortals (people who are
the supervisors or creators of the game) will setup a quest. This can be for example to setup a
play, a story with a problem, where you have to find and solve the problem. You can play, just
to socialize, instead of hanging out at IRC for example.

In short: You have fun.

Connecting to Imagica MUD

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Telnet session to the MUD.

If you do not know how to connect to a server by Telnet, then read on. If you already know how
to connect, then connect to : 4000 (port 4000)

As told before, you connect to the MUD by a telnet session. This can be easy or really hard, if
your Webbrowser is setup properly, it will be really easy. You will find at the main page of the
Imagica MUD Homepage a telnet picture, if you klick the picture, and your Webbrowser is setup correctly,
you will end up with a telnet session with the Imagica Server. If not you must find a
telnetprogram, I you do not have one yet, download one.

Next connect to the Imagica server. The telnet program will ask for an IP-adress, for the Imagica
MUD this is, if there is a special textbox which asks for a Port number, you must
fill in 4000 there. If there is no special Portbox, you must enter as IP-

A server has several Portnumbers. Behind each of them can run a program. Our MUD porgram
runs at the server behind port number 4000.

Tip: If you run Windows, you can try EWAN. Itís a really nice telnetprogram. It has a scroll-
back, meaning you can scroll back the screen if the text ran over your screen too fast. Further it
supports ANSI color. This means you can get the MUD tekst in few colors. This will make
playing much friendlier.

How to know if you are connected

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When you are connected you will se a screen like this:


Creating your playing character

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Next you must make up a nice name. Ofcourse this can be your own name but itís much more
fun to make a imagined name. Remember, this will be your name the rest of your MUD-life, so
make it easy to remember and make sure you think itís one you wish to be known as. Also do
not make it too long, while playing, if people want to do actions with you, they have to type
your name. So if itís for example ďEstreketorĒ people will get annoyed after typing it 20 times.
After typing your name it will ask if you typed it correctly, answer it with yes.

Next you need to make up a password, you need to type it twice to make sure you didnít make
any typing faults.

Answer what Sex you are, Male or Female.

Finally you have to choose what you want to be, a Warrior, a Thief, a Cleric or a Magic User
A Thief is a criminal, he steals. He will get skills to steal from anyone, to pick locks and have
some mean and sneaky attacking movements.
A Warrior is a fighter, he will have some devastating fighting skills, have far better endurance in
battles then the other classes.
A Cleric is a man of faith in the Gods. He is able to cast spells for self-preservation and is not
cruel by nature.
A Magic User is a man who will use any magic that is usable, his strenght is in the creation of
monsters from nothing.
It is not unusual that people belonging to different classes, by joining their efforts and combining
their skills, find their chances of survival and progress greatly improved. Infact, a team consisting
of members from all four classes can be an extremely powerful unit; capable of opening doors
without keys, creating food supplies out of nothing, and destroying an enemy inseveral different

Choose the race you want to be.
Human, Elf, Hobbit, HalF Elf, Troll, Dwarf, Goblin, Orc, Giant

Next the MOTD will be displayed, in this the important news is told. MOTD stands for Mortal
Message of the Day.
You will end up in the main menu and you can choose to enter the game.

Playing the game

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As you enter, this text will fill up your screen. Read it with care.


Next i will help you get started to play this MUD.
I will give commands you can type. Each of them will do what it roughly says.
The available commands can be seen by typing commands.
Every command has to be closed/confirmed with an <ENTER>.

To make the rooms more readable, type the following commands.

color complete
display all

Color complete: If your terminal program can display colors, you will now see colors.
Auto: Makes sure that you will see the exits from the room between brackets [ ]
Display all: Will display you Healt, you Mana and your Movement points. These commands
ony have to be typed once. (next time you enter it will not be needed to type them again)

Type look (or just L in short)


You are standing in the Templeís meditation room., as you see, there is only one exit, itís S,
S is a direction, it means South. There are 6 directions available in the game, North, East,
South, West, Up and Down. With these commands you can move around in the world.
The commandline and your physical state

22H 100M 83V >

This is your commandprompt. When this appears you can type commands. The numbers can be
different, that depends on the class and level you are.

H: Hitpoints, when you are attacked, every hit will cost Hitpoints. It can be seen as your Health.
M: Mana points, when you cast a spell, it will cost you Mana (magic) points.
V: Movement, every step you make will cost movement points. Also some Fighting skills will
cost movement points. Walking through a mountain costs more points then walking in a city.


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Because this is the first time you play, you normally wouldnít have any equipment. Therefore
the Gods have given you a standard set of equipment.
Type inventory (or i in short)
You will see a list like this:

22H 100M 83V > inventory
You are carrying:
a bronze helmet
a studded leather jacket
a small sword
a canteen
a bread
a bread

This is all you have. To use it, type the following.

wear all, this will make you wear everything that is possible to wear from your inventory.

wield sword, this will make you wield your sword, ready for combat.

This way you are ready for battle. When playing the game you will find new and sometimes
even better equipment. Equipment changes your character, it could make you stronger, better
armoured or make your mana, your hitpoints or something else more or less.
type equipment (or eq in short) to see what you are wearing/wielding.

To see who is on-line type who.

This will show a list of people who are playing at the moment. Do not try killing the other
players. The only time when Playerkilling is allowed, is when there is a real reason to do it.
Only kill computerplayers/monsters in the game. Why is explained in the policy

How to fight a monster.

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Type wimpy 10 This will make sure you will Flee, wimpy out, from of the fight if your Health
get below 10 Hitpoints. If you do not type this, you will fight till death. And when you start
fighting, you will die a lot.
When your Hitpoints get higher when you level, you can raise your wimpylevel.

Kill, murder, considering a creature

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First find a computerplayer, the dog is a safe monster to start with. You need to walk around
till you see a dog, when you find him, look at him by look dog

When you feel like chopping hm to pieces, type cons dog to make see what your chances are
against him in combat.
If you think you have a good chance to kill him, type kill dog
Next there will be some text scrolling what resembles the fight. Every line is a slash from the
dog or from you. Also the lines will tell you how hard the stroke was and how much damage it

Keep your eye at your Hitpoints.


When you killed a monster, you will get experience points. To loot the corpse type get all
corpse You probably will get some meat from the dogs corpse,
Type score to get more info about the points you need to gain a higher level.

About Staying Fit - Eating and Drinking:

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At one time or another, you'll see the message "You are hungry". This means that it's time to
find something edible before too long. People don't starve to death in this world, so have no fear.

However, when you are hungry, you do not build up lost energy, so eventually you'll be unable
to do anything but sit around and feel sorry for yourself, until someone comes by. Then, you can
only hope that it's a benevolent person, rather than a greedy thief or a warrior lusting for blood.

Renting a room/Ending the game.

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When finished playing, rent a room. This way you will keep the stuff you collected. Every
item you have, will cost an amount of money a day. Go to the reception, type offer to see
how much, and type rent to stop playing. (reception is south,east,east,north,north,west from
meditation room) If you would just type QUIT then you would loose your equipment.

Mailing people and writing on the boards.

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You can mudmail other players & immortals. You just go to the postoffice and type: MAIL . This way you can communicate with others even when they are not in the mud at the moment. Also receiving/reading mail is done at the postoffice.

There are several 'public' bullentinboards in the mud. Some boards contain messages about quests, messages to the gods or just social messages. Always post the message on the board that fits the subject of your message. Don't post messages like "How can i join the Warlock clan" on the Quest board...
To write on a board, stand in the boards room and type: WRITE

General tips

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Things i need to tell before you go walking around.

Map the town. When you are playing for the first time, take a piece of paper and map the city
of Teldar. This is where you will start always with playing. Draw a square, go a direction
and draw the next square and connect them together.

Don't kill in rooms protected by the Gods. Some rooms are Holy ground. If you kill in
there, you will end up in serious problems (in the game ofcourse)

Make sure you have enough bread/water with you. This can be bought in the storages near
the market square. You will have a starting amount of gold, mostly victims you kill will
have gold with them.

Start playing in the Newbie-Zone. This is 4 rooms South, then one time West starting from
the Templeís meditation room. There you can experiment safely.

Ask the Priest whoís one room south from the mediation room for help by typing tell priest
help when you stand in the same room with him.

Buy a scroll of recall, it will take you back to the temple when you recite it by typing recite
recall. The scroll can be bought at the Magic shop.

Type help to see general help topics, commands to see available commands and social to
see the avaiable socials (to express your feelings)