Guilds & Practices


The Guildhouse is the place where mortals may go to escape the troubles and perils of a cruel world. Guilds are also the places where people come to learn and practice the skills of their trade. There are Guildhouses and Guildmasters for the various trades. Magic, Cleric, Fighting and Thievery. Any hometown in Imagica would have all four guilds present.


Practice is the way you improve your spells and skills. You must go to your Guildmaster to let him/her help you improve. If you type practice in Imagica, you will see which skills you can improve upon, and how good you already are at these. Typing practices will show you all the skills and spells you can learn in the future.

You can then use practice , to practice the appropriate skill. You can only practise a certain amount for each level you gain, and you do not have to save this, it can be accumulated.