A hometown is an area where you can settle in. You either were raised there or you decided that you wanted to stay there most of the time. Your hometown is your safe haven. It is important that your hometown is providing you with the basic needs. It is not wise to settle in the area of an enemy race. Since humans are the most tolerant race, it is no problem to settle in a town run by humans. These towns are often marked a multi-race towns with a wide spread of inhabited races. Every race is required to be registered at one area assigned as hometown by the alliance.

The following hometowns are currently available in Imagica:

By the time the human king had declared Teldar the new capitol city of the world, the already high population started to grow by the coming of new travellers and adventurers. In order to keep the population under control the king set up a special force of citykeepers named peacekeepers to guard the city. Since Teldar is run by humans it is suited for all races. The city is also an excellent homebase for bountyhunters to get their info for tracking wanted people. These hunters stop at nothing when tracking down wanted men and women. Teldar is providing in all basic needs that any race may wish for.

Teldar might be the capitol city, but Nivrim is the capitol city when it comes to trade. Accessed by many roads this city is run primarily by humans and therefore suited for all races. The city is protected by Citykeepers and during the night the Nightwatch are patrolling the city walls. Nivrim is day and night filled with activity. The walls that surround the city are high and protect the city against raids at all times. The city design was created to make easy for visitors to visit.

Tree of Life (The Elven Forest)
The homebase of the sylvan elves that also explained the arrival of the unicorns in the forest south ofTeldar city. Inside this forest grows the largest tree to be found in the world, the Tree of Life. This tree is almost as old as the world itself and is maintained by the sylvan treeshapers who received the power of treeshaping by the gods to keep this old and beloved tree alive within the forest. The forest is mainly a place where only Elves live, but some exceptions can be found. The arch-enemy of Elves are the Trolls, and they are not too fond of Ogres, Goblins or Orcs either because of their bond to these creatures. These races are recommended not to live in the forest.

Troll Kingdom
The savage race of trolls live deep under the ground in a yet unknown place. It is said they have got a hidden base near the sylvan elves by the Tree of Life. The trolls hate the sylvan elves and often enslave young sylvan elves to work in their underground mines. Distance allies to ogres, orcs and goblins, and therefore best suited for only those races to live there. This killer race will only assist in a war when they see the chance to gain more kingdom themselves. Sitting on his throne the troll king is always looking for a way to take over the crown of the human king himself. Their favourit sport is stealing young fresh born sylvan elves from their homes to let them grow up as slaves inside their underground lair. The troll kingdom is guarded by the the big Grohmul trolls who will toss all unwanted visitors out, or fight them to their death...

Kaer Mort
The City of Kaer Mort was founded to be the hometown of the giants within the known world of Imagica. No one at this time knows where the giants are actually from or where their kingdom lies, but some are exploring the world and one day we may find out. The city is built of great blocks of grey stone with square houses and tall towers, then completely surrounded by a large city wall. Rumours have it that inside the walls of the city one can find gully dwarves and goblins who harvest what the giants have left on the streets by night. In Kaer Mort one can find all of the necessities needed in a hometown, as well as the grand palace in which the king of the giants live together with his daughter the princess.

Goblin Caves
One would be hard pressed to find a home base for the goblins since they are a race that tend to roam the lands and scavage what they can find, but the Goblin Caves is the closest one would find to an actual hometown. A large amount of goblins have gathered and made a home in some caves in the Dragon mountains north of Collasha where they inhabit the caves, forest and an old ruin. Since goblins aren't very good craftsmen most of the things you can find has either been stolen or found, and there are some things one would expect to find in a hometown which are simply not present. However, the near vicinity to the city of Collasha allows one to travel a short distance to find what else is needed (just as the goblins themselves do, though they might steal it rather than buy).

The underground town of Brinor
Recently opened to the public, the dwarves have taken extensive trouble to carve out their homes under the Fangorn mountainrange. Reclusive as they are, the normal homes cannot be reached by the travellers passing through. Underneath the collection of halls that serve as their town, the dwarves are busy mining precious metals. Brinor provides an alternative way to the other side of the Fangorn mountains, for those who do not want to go over the top of Fangorn.