Imagica Houses

For the players that spend a lot of time in Imagica there is the possibility of buying a house. There are special zones designated for houses, and the players can choose in which area they would like to live. The player design their own house name and description, making it a personal place where they can rest after a day of roaming the lands. On this page you can find information regarding purchasing and owning a house.

Advantages of having a house
How to get a house
House rules
House prices
FAQ about houses

House Request Form

Advantages of having a house

- You pay a monthly rent instead of a day-to-day basis at the Receptionist.
- Owning your own house might improve roleplaying.
- You have a private room to sleep or talk in.
- You go directly home with the HOME command or using a recall, no worries about finding a Receptionist.

How to get a house

1. Create two room names and descriptions. Describe your house's interior, what you want it to look like. You may also have a maximum of 4 extra descriptions per room. (example: look closet, look books, look trophy)

2. The houses will enter Imagica the way you write them, please take a moment to look for typos. If your description is written too much in haste without even bothering to use proper punctuation and dots where needed your house may not be accepted.

3. E-mail the description to Lunah at Or you can use the request form here on the website.

4. When house is built you will be notified that payment is required.

5. Payment of the house can be made either to Lunah or LadyXera.

6. When Lunah has received word of your payment, your house will be activated and you can move in.

House rules

- You must be of a minimum level of 30 to be allowed to purchase a house.
- Your house will be 2 rooms. If you're a married couple it will be 4 (2 each).

Paying Rent:
- After your house has been activated you pay your house monthly by using the 'house pay' command. You can use the 'house info' command to see when your rent is due.
- If your rent has not been paid for 2 months you will get a reminder that your rent must be paid within 1 month.
- Have your rent not been paid after 3 months your house will be de-activated. (You can re-activate it later for a fee.)
- If you are reminded of late rent 3 times (at different times) you will be asked to pay a fee or your house will be de-activated (this is an EXTRA fee, you are required to pay this as well as the due rent), as you are not seen as a fit houseowner.
- If you know that you will be away from Imagica for a longer period of time you may speak with Lunah or LadyXera and something can be arranged about your rent.

Stock Piling:
- Stockpiling (keeping a large stock of a certain item) is not allowed.
- General rules is that you may keep 2 of each item in your house, this is not counting what you wear.
- You may however keep an unlimited amount of 'junk' items such as mushrooms.
- However, you cannot stockpile in your inventory either to get away with it. If you have 1 thunderbolt in your house and 5 in your inventory, this will still count as stockpiling.

House Prices

- The price for 2 rooms is 10 000 Gd in building fee.
- After this you pay a rent of 4 000 Gd/month. (2 000 Gd/room).
- If you're a married couple with a 4-room house, your total for each person will be the same as if you had a 2 room house on your own.

FAQ about Houses

Q: Can I have more rooms than 2?
A: No. You can technically, but for various reasons we don't allow it. Only exceptions is if you are a married couple, then two more rooms are allowed in the house. You will then have 2 each.

Q: Can I have only 1 room?
A: No. We prefer to keep it an even number with 2.

Q: Can I have my house anywhere I want?
A: No, we have certain restrictions. Changes might be made in the future. But at the moment you are only allowed to have your house in one of the designated areas. There might be a few exceptions. For example, if you are a member of a clan and want your house in the clan zone this could be allowed if your Clan Representative/Clan Leader agrees.

Q: Can I pay extra and get some special items in my house?
A: No.

Q: Can I leave my house for my higher char which I [no longer use/are going to delete] to my other, lower char?
A: No. What you can do is to tell me, and the room descriptions and place of the house will remain the same. But your lower character will still have to pay the building fee, as otherwise it could be considered multi-playing since it would be to give your lower char an advantage. Your lower character also has to be level 30 to possess a house.