People have been role-playing for centuries. Plays and theatre is a perfect example of this. Now, it's your turn to become an actor. If you have never role-played earlier and want to try it out, great! In these sections you can find some tips on the basic RP and how to RP certain races. Even if you are an experienced role-player, have a look anyway. There is absolutely no reason to trust what is on these pages as it is totally up to you how you wish your character to act.

Plots and RP adventures

When a certain group role-plays together, you can come up with plots and quests for the group. It doesn't have to be anything big, just something that would get the RP moving. An example of this could be that your character has been taken over by an evil spirit, and your friends will have to help you find a cure to vanquish this evil spirit from your body. Other examples could be treasure hunting, you could ask one in the QM team to set up a small treasure hunting adventure for you and your friends where you can RP and fight together, aside from the usual quests.

Ceremonies and wars

Of course, as you all hopefully know, PK is forbidden and thus makes it hard to have an actual war in the game. But, however, you could ask for permission to have a small war in a spot away from the other players, where only you and your friends and the opposing army are allowed to participate. This, however, has to be a strong RP war, and only the ones that has proven themselves to be good RP:ers will even have a chance of getting accepted to have a war.
Ceremonies, like sacrifices to a god or marriage are perfect RP events, other events and such that you have come up with and conducting them together with other people can earn you a few RP points, not to mention the fun of just doing it.

RP Classes?

This is just a small idea me and my team has been thinking about. How about RP classes for the ones that really likes to RP and are proven good at it? If you have ever wanted to play a daemon, an angel, a smith and miner or the likes, you should not be stopped from doing so.
RP Classes can gain you new skills and grant you abilities that are far more better the the ones existing already, but the most important aspect, it strenghtens your RP.

Is this a good idea, is this something you players want? Mail me and my team about ideas and questions evolving around this matter, and we shall see if we in the future can eventually make this happen.

You can reach the Roleplay Enhancement Immortals on the following e-mail: ROLEPLAY at