RolePlaying in ImagicaMUD

Role-playing your character - When you have created a character and enter Imagica for the first time you must have decided upon a way to role-play your character. When you decide on how to role-play your character you must consider some elements that can make your role-play much better and gain you the respect of other role-payers. These elements are as follows:

Your race:
When, for an example, making an elven character you must consider the elves respect for nature and other beings as well as the beings they don't like, such as Orcs, Ogres, Goblins etc. The presence of an Orc in the vicinity of an Elf can make the elf bring out his inherited hatred against these "monsters" so if you encounter Orcs and the likes you must have made a decision of wether the elf you're playing likes these beings or not and it weighs more to not because of the elves born hatred against these monsters. Read more about the races behaviour in the Race section.

Your class:
If you are role-playing a mage, try to decide wether he is an evil mage or a good mage and role-play him/her that way (this also goes for the other classes). Mages are supposed to be wise, all knowing and posses godly knowledge.
Of course you might not know much about the world, the first time you enter the game but still try to act as you know more than the most expirienced player in the game. When it comes to other classes like crusaders, warriors etc. try to role-play them as such. A crusader believes he is doing his gods work by converting people to his fate with violence if it comes down to it, he is like a prophet and soldier at the same time and should of course be role-played that way. A warrior is a good class for the new role-player, you can role-play him in nearly any way you want and if you pick human as a race there is nothing holding you from creating the exact RP character you have always wanted and form him as you wish. Other races and classes are more difficult to role-play as you have to keep them somewhere in that characters frames as, stated before, some characters are born with a belief or a certain behaviour that comes with the race ie. The Orc is very agressive against other races and sometimes very agressive against his own kin.

Your characters speech:
All races speak diffrently, an elf tries his/her best to always speak his/her inherited language, elven ofcourse. Speech is a very important part of Role-playing but if you wish you can speak the same way as you have always spoken, but try to leave the smileys, brb, afk, lol, rofl and all that to the public channels, never use this when speaking to a person face to face as this can destroy the role-play. How are you supposed to speak then? The answer to that question in most cases is Olde English, Elizabethan English. Words like Hail, Greetings, Fare Well, Fair Winds, Well Met and so on are a good start and there is nothing wrong with using this on public channels either as this might inspire others to do the same.

Your characters religion:
The only religion you are able to choose right now is… well, none. An atheist that is but don't let this stop you. You are more than welcome to come up with a faith of your own and this is an excellent way to put some depth in your role-play. I have seen a few people worshiping a god that doesn't "exsist" and I have on many occasions been asked to join them.
Don't be afraid of being a religious fanatic!

Your characters background:
To make your charcter a little bit more interesting, you might want to come up with a suiting background for your character. It doesn't have to be anything fancy and most people that play elves use the "my family got killed by Orcs" story and there is nothing wrong in doing so as elves often do get killed by orcs.
But, to make your RP even deeper, you should try to think of a story that no one has ever thought of or something other than the standard stories. Tell a tale about your family, where you come from, maybe you were of noble birth?, maybe your father was a simple tailor and you did not want to follow in his footsteps so you became a man/woman of the cloth instead or maybe a warrior? But the most important part with making a story for your character is what we all have deep inside us… Imagination! Use it and make up the perfect story, who knows, the one with the better story might get rewarded some day.

What I have written here might be very clear to some of you and you might disagree with what I have written, but bear in mind, im just trying to get people to bring out their best RP and helping them in doing so.
These are just some elements and guidelines on how to improve your RP and note that these are just guidelines, you are free to RP your character in any way you choose, this text is just here to give you a boost in the right direction. Take a look in the race section and find out more on how to role-play your character.