RolePlaying Races

Orcs, Goblins and Ogres

Orcs, Goblins and Ogres are dumb but also very dangerous and RP:ing any of these creatures might not be the easiest thing to do. They will have to have the right speech, the right behaviour and the right alignment (in RP offcourse). These creatures have languages of their own but they often try to speak the language of the humans, this can of course be hard due to these creatures limited intelligence so they often make errors while speaking, ie.

The human says: "I will slay thee!".

The orc says: "Meeb wub klump dee!" or "Me no let you live!" or something like that.

If you find it difficult to speak like this all of the time, you could always RP an intelligent Orc, Goblin etc. but these are very rare.

These beings are also very aggressive and thus your character will also have to be somewhat aggressive. They are very suspicious against other more civilized races, such as Elves, Half-Elves, Humans and Dwarves and do often carry hatred against these races. These creatures are very ugly and not very charismatic either so this is a leading factor to why OTHER races dislike these creatures. The alignment of these beings are often evil or very evil but they can also be very good natured and calm but it is not often you see an Orc sitting in a field, screaming out his love for flowers.


Dwarves are the most 'tech' advanced creatures in the world, they have a peculiar love for trinkets and gadgets and many dwarves become smiths or miners and search for unknown metals and valuables. Of course there is no possibility of becoming a smith or a miner in the game but there is no reason not to RP one.

The speech of the dwarves are similar to the Irish or Australian dialect, kind of like the dialect pirates and such has. They are very good natured but can also be very aggressive at times when a person from a fellow clan or a good friend is in danger. Dwarves often belong in a clan, like stated before, and the the clan functions as a big family and an army at times. There are currently no dwarven clans but there are no reason not to RP that you belong to one.

RP:ing a dwarf is quite easy, you just have to overlook the behaviour pattern of the dwarves and try your best to use that as a base when setting up a way to RP your dwarven character.
Tolkien books contain a lot of valuable information about dwarves so you could take a look in one if you want to get some ideas.


Humans are the most common and the easiest race to role-play. The behaviour, speech and alignment of a human can be role-played in any way you like so RP:ing a human is an excellent way to practice your role-playing skills.


Elves are one of the hardest races to role-play due to their respect for other races as well as their respect for nature. RP:ing an elf that hates fellow elves and loves Goblins isn't exactly the right way to RP an elf, but as stated before, you choose how you want to RP a character yourself and do not let anyone tell you how to do it, it is entirely up to you. There are many kinds of elves and as you may have noticed you can only choose the common elf as a race and the common elf goes under the name of "elf", exciting, eh? Well, just because you can only choose a common elf as a race that doesn't mean you can't RP a Drow, Blood-elf, Wood-elf, Ice-elf, Sea-elf and so on. The only thing that can stop you is your imagination, so use it wisely while role-playing an elf. Some may see elves as crazy treehuggers and may think that it is boring to be peaceful all of the time, but the truth is that not many people know much about this mysterious race. So, why not making it more mysterious by RP:ing an entirely new elven race? A race that is devoted to slaughtering innocents, this might bring an interesting turn in elf character RP.
Elves are either very good aligned or very evilly aligned, there is often nothing in between from what I have seen in-game so I recommend that you try to decide wether the elf is good or evil, it's as simple as that, but most important, if you have chosen to play evil, do it. People might get mighty suspicious if you have become good all of a sudden. The behaviour pattern of "fictional" elves (the ones you come up with yourself) can range from evil to good or something in between but try to use the common elf as a base so it doesn't get to bizarre, the same goes when trying to figure out how this new race will look like, we don't want some Start-Trek freak, running around by the name of Spock and calling himself an elf just because he has pointy ears, this is not classified as RP although the thought might sound rather appealing.


What is a Lizardman, exactly? I bet you are thinking of a Gecko, the size of a human and standing on two legs instead of four. If the race description says he does, then it must be like that, or does it? This is where your imagination comes into play again, just because the description says that he does look like this or that, that doesn't have to mean that you can't make up your own description for your Lizardman character.
The behaviour pattern of a Lizardman, considering they live quite lonely lives, shielded from the outside world in their swamps and marsh lands, is that they are very quiet and cautious creatures. So, this race would be quite good to play if you have gotten tired of RP:ing. Just play solo and shield yourself from the other RP:ers, I wouldn't recommend it though, I believe you can have twice as fun when RP:ing than not RP:ing at all.


Half-Elves are a hybrid between humans and elves, so this makes you elven and human at the same time. So, then you just have to put two and two together to figure out how an half-elf works, half treehugger and half boring, ordinary human and this is what makes the race so special. Half-Elves are often disliked by both the humans and the elves so this makes him somewhat of an outcast.
So the half-elf can still hate the elves and be buddies with the humans and vice versa. Half-Elves often become great warriors because of their inherited stamina and dexterity from the elves, as well as somewhat intelligent so this makes them quite fair mages too. So, the half-elf is a race for all, not very complicated to play for the experienced RP:er and not very hard for the new RP:er either.


Argh! Giants! Enormous, muscular human-like beings. These are the most detructive of beings if they are threatened or are revengeful in some way. They are however quite friendly but they usually do not like if a stranger intrudes on their grounds. The behaviour of these beings range widely just like it does with humans. They can be evil, good or somewhat normal but that also depends on what kind of a giant it is. There are many types of giants and among these are Blood Giants, Mountain Giants, Forest Giants etc. They usually speak common and in no particular dialect as they are just enormous humans but the small humans have a tendancy to hunt giants. They somehow believe that they will be destroyed by the giants if they do not destroy them first, therefore giants might be quite bitter when it comes to "small" races and with small I mean short in height.


Hobbits aka "Halflings" is a nice and peaceful kind of people. They live in their nicely furnished and decorated hobbit holes and work with various things. They have a tendancy to be quite rude at times when it comes to strangers as they prefer living in peace and will not risk anything that can abrupt their non-war balance. But there are Hobbits that have become quite famous for their adventures but they seldom leave their homes if they do not have a good reason to do so. Speech then, as hobbits are a very peculiar sort of people, short as they are, they are not anything alike dwarves. They speak common and use many different dialects but I would guess it is something like the speech the dwarves use, I may be wrong though.


We all know what they are, do we not? Small, human-like beings with wings. They are quite beautiful to look at, spreading their bloody annoying pixie dust around. And they are quite friendly, never have I heard of a pixie being evil and if one becomes evil, I do not think there is much mischief one can do because of their very limited size. So keep that in mind, they are small and should not be role-played as if they were big (Human size).

Non existing races?

I know what you're asking yourself now, so take a good look at what it says just above… Now, take a deep breath and try to understand those words… Yes, that is it… Good, I think you get it, right? Well, if you do not, I will explain. Non existing races are races that does not exist in Imagica (duh…) and these races are many, many, maaaany. A few examples, Centaur, Cyclops, Drow Elf etc. You CAN play these races, just because your race tag says Elf for example, it does not mean you cannot play a Drow Elf, City Elf, High Elf or Wood Elf, the tag does not specify what kind of an elf you are so you are free to choose. The same goes for Gnomes, want to play a Gnome? Pick a race that is small, any race that gets the closest to what a Gnome might look like. There is nothing stopping you from playing whatever race you want if the one you want to play is not available to you. You get what I am saying, right? Good!