Hero is the final level for a mortal being, once you are a hero you cannot rise higher in level. You can however gain different kinds of statuses/ranks within the hero-level. These statuses are: Paige, Squire, Lord, Mayor, Nobleman, Baron, Prince, King and Emperor.

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A Paige is the personal servant of a person of higher status. Doing odd jobs is his/her main occupation. A good Paige might become a squire someday.

A Squire is the personal servant of a knight, who takes care of his equipment in between battles. While polishing the knight's shield, he/she dreams of becoming a Lord someday.

Being the lowest form of nobility, a Lord/Lady spends his/her days trying to get in favour of his/her superiors in order to receive a piece of land to rule. They control the soldiers in the armies of their superiors. A good Lord/Lady sometimes receives rulership over a town as Mayor.

A Mayor is a person of nobility who received a town or city to rule. He/she still has superiors to answer to. Bossing around their inhabitants is their main occupation. If a Mayor rises in status and becomes a Nobleman, he/she is allowed to remain ruler of his/her town or city.

A Nobleman/Noblewoman is a person of nobility, slightly higher ranked than a mayor. Far away from the normal life they preferably dwell in the presence of their peers, feasting while their subordinates work for them. A Nobleman is still allowed to rule a town or city as mayor. Becoming a Baron/Baroness is their only goal in life.

A Baron/Baroness is a person of nobility, slightly higher ranked than a Nobleman/Noblewoman. These excentric persons have lost all touch with normal life, most of them can't even tie the laces of their boots anymore.

A Prince/Princess is the heir to the throne of a Kingdom. The only thing they do all day is wishing for their parents to pass away, so they can become King/Queen.

A King/Queen rules an entire country. Most of the time they divide their country into small parts and let others control it for them. Normally a Kingdom is obtained by heritage, but experienced Barons/Baronesses also have the possiblity to become King/Queen.

An Emperor/Empress rules an entire Empire, sometimes consisting of several Kingdoms. An Empire is normally acquired by conquest, but there are stories of Kingdoms joining to form an Empire under an experienced King/Queen.