A detailed list of the changes and updates made to the world in Imagica.

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28 February 2017

A few minor changes have been introduced:

  • Players now should seek a cryonicist instead of a cryogenicist when wanting to rent for a one time fee instead of daily (the two are related but cryonicist is more correct in this context). They are still in the same location, however.
  • What was for many years called 'weaponsmith' is now properly 'blacksmith'. They can be found in the same places, much like cryonicists.
  • A broken gate in zone 78 (The Ice Mountains) has been fixed (if you open the gate on one side then the other side was closed and vice versa).
14 March 2016

- Many descriptions in different parts of the world have had fixes from typos, incorrect/inconsistent statements (e.g. contrary to popular belief the zone is 'Hig Heron' and not 'High Heron': it stands for 'Higher On' but areas have referred to 'High Heron').

- Hig Heron updates:

(Indeed this might be ironic) Hig Heron also had fixes from problems from its initial creation (Radagast informed me years ago that there were some conversion issues but the originals were lost; I didn't know how to best approach this but I decided to actually rewrite the descriptions that needed fixing and also fix some other problems in the area).

A mobile in Hig Heron now wields a weapon (which mobile is meant to be discovered through exploration).

09 July, 2013

- Major world update: While not all world files have been updated many have been updated to not show silly and erroneous descriptions like 'You are standing ...' (when the character in question is flying for example) but rather show what is actually true.

- Also, to help with the MUD rewrite (that is getting closer and closer to being to beta) the objects and mobiles with the keyword and descriptions 'newbie' have been changed (depending on what fit best). This is to make it more realistic (someone does not enter the world as a "newbie" but rather a kid or young or ...).

- Not strictly world related, however: I will hopefully be giving more and more information on the rewrite, beta testing and the entire run-down for old and new players. Those who are interested can find me in the MUD (old) most days if they so desire. I'm happy to elaborate whenever I can.

09 July, 2013

- Major world update: Metgod went through the entire typo log file and fixed almost all of the issues pointed out. There might have been a few he (that is, I) missed but the vast majority of them are fixed. There are many changes in many zones because there were quite some zones that had little to no checking of grammar, spelling or anything other than getting there and getting out (okay, maybe some objects and mobiles too). This was even worse because for a world in English there are a lot of zones built by builders with English as a second language (Dutch also allows for confusion with lose versus loose and life versus live, for example). Many thanks to everyone who reported these issues! This especially includes the below: Blip, Fido, Mandos, Aphrael to name a few that had quite a bit more details on the problems.

- On that note though - and much apologies *ehem* to Mandos for this - I did NOT fix "use life" to not show "You don't seem to have a life." when giving the command and there exists no such thing. He'll just have to find an object that has the keyword life. Unfortunate as it may be for him, the only objects in the world that do have the keyword "life" are quest awards owned by Metgod, Gannon (Metgod's primary mortal) and Amalthea (Gannon's wife). So sorry Mandos! *cough*

30 September, 2010

It appears the late Goddess Lunah may have gotten her wish, finally. Rumour has it that a deranged and twisted elf sorcerer has been on the loose. Due to this sneaky being and his destruction, some things may not be quite the same. In fact, the destruction is so bad, that some areas may not be accessible any more, for they're now a disaster area and magically sealed off. In addition, other areas may seem .. different. Some may be shall we say, generated by magic. The Gods are trying to figure out what to do to this being and at the same time, we're trying to repair the damage and include godly protections and improvements to the sealed off areas.

22 January, 2005

Imagica's world has been updated yet again. This time around there were more changes that was updating old zones with small tweaks and improvements. I will not list them all here since they are of little interest to the regular players.

Two new zones have been added by one of our builders and underneath Imagica we now have a system of catacombs filled with the vaults where players can store their spare items that they cannot rent or keep in their houses.

Also along with our intent to rid Imagica of all Standard CircleMUD zones the Haon-Dor forest has now met its fate. (An unfortunate forest fire.) In its stead now grows a new forest grown by magic and a forest not before seen has been revealed beyond Haon-Dor. (Wyvern Forest and Forest of Old, built by Shimmer.)

Probably one of the most notable changes in the world is the changes made to our housing zones where all player houses are located. To allow for easier management we have rationalised the zones, and you will be able to see a map on the website of the two largest house zones to see where houses are available to buy.
DinoStreet and Saga Forest have now been joined by Lindorm Grove, a housing zone just north of Nivrim. Some people have been moved to Lindorm Grove already, and if you would wish to move there, just let Lunah or Metgod know. If you previously lived in DinoStreet, you may find that your house has moved location, and we apologise for the inconvenience.
Your guests will have been lost from your guest list, but we have maintained all of your objects and to make up for some of the inconvenience your rent owed has been cancelled. You will now have an entire month before your next rent is due.

Below you can find a list of the new zones that were added.


15: The Storage VaultsLunah & Metgod
117: The Forest of OldShimmer
118: Wyvern ForestShimmer

31 May, 2004

And another World Update has been successfully added to Imagica. There are several new zones from several builders (my thanks to them all). A new hometown has been added, for dwarves, by the name Brinor.

The Ruins of Rome are no more. A man bought the ground from King Welmar and has erected a new town where once Rome was. The Order of Serenity has obliterated the evil city Thalos and built their clan zone, a town called Serenity where Thalos once lay.

Several zones were updated, most with small changes that will most likely not be noticed by the players, and for that reason I won't list these zones.

Below you can find a list of the new zones that were added.


125: Dol GalothMithrandir
137: Twin TowersLunah
158: Halls of Serenity Chloe
159: PerdereChloe
172: Tangryn HavenLunah
186: Newbie Zone & AcademyMandos (Updated)
191: The underground town of BrinorAphrael
192: Infested Mine (Newbie Zone)Mandos