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Lovers Quest QM: Crisstilynn

We had quite a lot of people helping the lovers to find each other. Sephrenia found Juliette at the top of a waterfall, ready to take a plunge to the bottom. It seems she was just in time. Meanwhile, Robbo found Romeo wandering the monastery south of Teldar, pining away for his lady.

Each has won a romantic dinner for two in the Enchanted Castle, a lovely place reserved for special events. All participants received a heart-shaped
chocolate for their trouble.

Congratulations to all who participated on solving some difficult riddles to get as far as you did!

Yule Time QM: Lunah & Crisstilynn

In the spirit of the season Lunah & Crisstilynn arranged some Yule Events for the Imagicans to enjoy. Below you can read a little information about what went on.

Santa's Visit
Our very own Santa Clause made his traditional appearance, unfortunately as drunk as previous years. He did the same mistake as once before and crash landed his sleigh in the Teldar City Square, smashing into the Teldar fountain. Naturally all the gifts were lost, scattered over the lands, and the Imagicans had to head out and search for them. A total of 10 gifts were find where the Imagicans got to keep the contents.

Snowball Fight
A cheery crowd gathered in Teldar to participate in the snowball fight. Using only emotes the contestants put up a good fight with a lot of zeal and imagination. You can find a log of the event here. All participants received a garden snowman.
Winner: Maruk - a magic snowball
2nd: Vellia - a magic icicle
3rd: Krishna - an iced rose

Reindeer Race
Lunah had gathered a group of flying reindeers which the contestants could mount. Names of places in three locations in Imagica were given to the contestants and they had to find the places where coloured bulbs were lying. The first to return with a bulb from each location would win. All contestants received a cuddly reindeer for participating.
Winner: Gannon - a warm fur pelt
2nd: Danae - a pair of warm fur gloves
3rd: Uraithen - a pair of warm fur boots

Yule Ball
To finish off the events a Yule Ball was arranged in the Halls of Ice. The Imagicans arrived to the Ball dressed up in their finest. Together they dressed the tree, lit the log and enjoyed food and drinks. The evening was finished off with a game of catch the pig which Chi won by finding the pig with the key to unlock a chest. Inside she found a nice ice blue belt.

The Haunted Manor QM: Lunah

A group of adventurers gathered that the Teldar Inn to meet with the mysterious man and find out what he knew, if the rumours were true. The dark gleam in the man's eyes made a cold shiver run down the backs of the adventurers, but they still stayed to hear his story.

The man told a story of greed and betrayal that had split an entire family and created a haunted manor. Once there was a rich man in Imagica who collected treasures and money to store in his great mansion. Only the best was good enough for him and his family. But as his fortune grew, he became more and more suspicious, afraid that someone would try to steal his treasures. He began to install doors and locks all over his manor, and he made fake walls and hidden vaults where he could hide his valuables.

One night there was a great storm and a witch came by his manor, asking to stay for the night while the storm was tearing at the trees. The man refused her entry, worried that she would steal his fortune. Angered, the witch cast a curse upon the man and his family, that neither of them should ever find peace at the manor again.

Not long after that the man died, and the manor became haunted by spirits and ghosts. His three sons escaped the manor, each with a key the father had given, fleeing the ghosts. None of them could get to the treasure, because all keys were needed to reach the treasury where the most were kept, and they no longer trusted each other enough to meet together, all of them wanting it all for themselves.

As the man finished the story silence settled over the Inn. It was difficult to imagine that greed could tear a family apart like that, but soon the adventurers started asking questions and soon they split into three teams to look for a son each. The man had some letters written by the sons, and gave them to the adventurers as they might give some idea of where the sons were.

After long days of searching, the adventurers finally found the three sons, and had to kill them to gain their keys since they wouldn't let go of them willingly.

Then they searched long and hard for the manor, but finally found it and could enter its haunted walls. They were met by the ghosts and spirits, but managed to get past them all and make their way through the manor to the treasury.

Once there they found that they were lacking a fourth key, and laughing, the man appeared again. It turned out that he was the fourth son and had the last key. He'd used the adventurers to get the other keys from his brothers, and gain access to the treasury. Angered, the adventurers killed the man, since he refused to give them the last key, and they then gained access to the treasury.

For a moment it seemed like the greed had struck our brave adventurers as well, and poor Felice was so disgusted that she had to leave them right then and there. Finally they came to their senses and the money and treasures were split fairly amongst the group.

Winners: Ghaleon, Danyael, Rhyaehar, Gannon & Felice
Quest Item: Money and Treasures from the Manor

RP Week QM: Aphrael, Crisstilynn & Atrus

The drought has ended, we have all had fun, and another RP Week has passed. This is a meager attempt to record all the things that happened during this RP Week.

First of all, we have had troubles from a drought, all the water supplies dried up. In a series of campaign quests, Gannon, Frodo, Vellia, Maruk, Pandaemonaeon, Zuratal and Fido subsequently found an extortionist, the source, and the solution to the problem.

Check out Crisstilynn's board messages for more details. Apart from the campaign quest, there was more to do.

Monday a lady was sunburnt, and an alchemist needed help brewing a potion. Frodo and Gannon were the only people around, but they were willing to help and got something for their trouble.

Thursday, Atrus held a marvelous camel rally throughout Imagica. Lots of sightseeing made it interesting. Gannon, Sephrenia, Vellia, Maruk, Willow and Frodo all joined, Gannon won. All had got something for the trouble. Friday, Aphrael had the sad news that the quest she had prepared, was already solved. However, a citizen walked in, hinting the gathered people for the possibility of a treasurehunt. Willow was able to find the big prize, Gannon, Maruk, Vellia, Frodo and Zuratal joined for the search.

Sunday there was a marvelous End Feast, and some finishing up things. A raffle was held, Maruk, Zuratal and Pandaemonaeon all won an item. Fido and Vellia were chosen to be Lord and Lady of the Evening. And Gannon (who was unable to attend) won the whole RP Week. Let us all hope we will have another great time at the next RP Week!


Warg Hunt QM: Lunah

A tribe of wargs had invaded Imagica, followed closely by an experienced warg hunter that had been on their track for a long time. Finally he had caught up with the tribe, and he asked for the Imagicans to assist him in killing the beasts and bringing forth the leader to then kill him as well. Once the leader would be gone, the wargs would not return.

A brave group of Imagicans gathered to help the hunter, and they soon found and killed the wargs. Mithrandir finally found the leader that was hiding in an abandoned city, and Imagica was rid of the wargs. An award also went to the person who killed the most wargs, which happened to be Mithrandir as well. For any warg killed a tooth would be taken from their bodies, and the hunter would trade any tooth for some money or experience.

Winners: Mithrandir
Quest Item: A golden collar & A shield of valor

A Special Dinner QM: Aphrael

The Cook at Welmar's castle was preparing a special dinner, and wanted the help of the Imagicans at that.

The cook had a very simple request, just to gather the ingredients for his "piece de resistance".

Winners: Gannon, Mithrandir, Choradan, Jusan & Eoji
Quest Item: A glass bottle

The Worried Mother QM: Aphrael

A worried mother was missing her son Tordek and asked the Imagicans for help with finding him. After some turn around here and there, the questers have seen Kaer Mort's newbie zone (The City Wall) and the gang of human children in the Goblin Training Grounds. That last gang had kidnapped Tordek, but the questers defeated the leader after boasts from his side.

Winners: Ketra, Wartha & Gannon
Quest Item: A small, radiant sun

The Missing Daughter QM: Atrus

The wolves were restless and the wolvenmaster more aggressive than usual. His daughter had been missing for some time and he had heard no news of her.

Brave heroes went out looking for the daughter on the wolvenmaster's request, and ended up with a request to kill her from another werewolf. Seemed his son ran of with the girl and started a family. All turned out just fine, the missing son talked with his father, the daughter was given up dead at the wolvenmaster and the two?... They lived happily ever after.

Winners: Mandorallen
Quest Item: A golden family ring (The other participants all received a sash)

Amazon Request QM: Lunah & Aphrael

The Amazon Princess' cousin had written a letter saying that she would be home in a couple of days, but more than a week had passed and the cousin had not showed up. The Princess was growing increasingly worried, and so she asked the Imagicans to help her look for her cousin.

The letter mentioned wanting to visit a tower before returning home, and the Imagicans finally found her at the Guard tower. Her leg had been broken, so she couldn't return home, and the guards didn't want to help her.

The cousin was unable to walk, and wary of magic, so the clever Imagicans got their hands on a horse to help the wanderer back to her amazon cousins. Of course they also made sure that she got some food and water, since she'd been lying injured for several days, and had run out of her own.

Finally they got her back to the Amazon Stronghold, and the Princess was happy to see her cousin again. As a reward the Imagicans received a special feather tassle for their trouble.

The amazon wanderer is now back home, letting her leg heal and meeting with her cousin.

Winners: Choradan, Mithrandir, Gannon & Shane
Quest Item: An Amazon feather tassle

Helping Crowe QM: Aphrael

A young woman asked the Imagicans for help locating her beloved, Crowe. He had left her a letter which she had trouble deciphering. Mithrandir, Zasz, Fido and Gannon came to the rescue, and reunited Crowe with his beloved, Faesta.
It turned out that Crowe was hiding from a bandit gang he had been infiltrating. He was found out... and the leader got mad. Later on, he asked the Imagicans for help to exterminate the gang. Gannon, Choradan and Shyla gladly helped him, and after some initial trouble, managed to kill all the

Winter Wonderland (RP Week) QM: Aphrael, Lunah & Shayla

Another Roleplaying Week in Imagica has reached its end. The week was filled with events and quests, starting off with a snowball fight where we had several skilled people with a good aim taking part.

Below you can find a list of the events during the week and the winners of each event.

Emote Snowball Fight
Several people participated in this snowy event, and they were all really good, making it difficult for the judges to decide on a winner.
In the end it was compromised, and we had several shared winners.
1st: Mithrandir
2nd: Ereptus & Zasz
3rd: Choradan & Gannon

The Ice Prince
The son of the Ice Queen decided it would be a lot nicer if all of Imagica was covered in snow. Not everyone agreed, and the little culprit was caught and sent to be punished by the dead captain of the Flying Dutchman (since he was quite eager to do so, after finding his ship covered in ice).
All participants received a garden snowman that never melts.

In the usual spirit of the RP Week we had a small tournament, and although not that many participated, we did get to see a couple of fights. The new Champions are:
Gannon - Master Champion
Amalthea - Champion

Chasing Snowflakes
Mother Nature had lost the mold for her snowflakes, and it had been shattered all over Imagica. Mithrandir, Gannon & Aldur aided her in retreiving the pieces and fitting them back together. As an award they received their own special snowflakes molded from the same form.

John the Lumberjack
Tazok, Gannon and Tamlin decided to help John the Lumberjack with courting the lady that had captured his heart (the young amazon tending the roses). Sent here and there on missions to find items that John wanted the young amazon to have, and then to the amazon to give them, finally rewarded them as the amazon finally agreed to meet her secret admiror. The two have now been left alone, and we shall see if anything
comes out of this blooming romance.
Tazok, Gannon and Tamlin all received a two-pieced medallion where they can give one piece to the lady they may wish to court at some point.

End Feast
As a sign of appreciation the Ice Queen opened her Halls of Ice for the Imagicans for the End Feast. There was plenty of food and drinks for all of the participants. The feast was cut a little short however, due to a lack of female participants. Gannon & Mithrandir won an item each in the raffle. Mithrandir was also elected the Lord of the Evening, with or without a lady to accompany him.

RP Week Winners
Due to several people receiving the same amount of votes we actually have several people on each position this time around.

1st: Gannon & Choradan
2nd: Mithrandir & Zasz
3rd: Amalthea, Ereptus, Fido, Tamlin & Tazok

Full list of votes below.

Choradan xxxxxxxx
Gannon xxxxxxxx
Mithrandir xxxxx
Zasz xxxxx
Ereptus xx
Tamlin xx
Tazok xx
Fido xx
Amalthea xx
Polgara x
Sephrenia x
Gher x

Surprise Surprise QM: Aphrael

Today, a small boy surprised us all by asking for some help. It seemed his mother was ill, and might be cured by having a lot of lilies around her.
Florine, Gannon, Silverfox, Feisty, Chloe, Mithrandir and Myzticdragon all went out to help him, and find as much lilies as possible. Mithrandir found so much lilies that a couple of them could be turned into a reward for him.

Winners: Mithrandir
Quest Item: a garland of lilies
Santa's Reindeer QM: Lunah & Aphrael

Imagica's own Santa Claus had just gotten himself a brand new reindeer, of which he was very proud. He had decided to show it to his friends in Imagica, and invited everyone to meet him in Teldar. Unfortunately, on his way to Teldar Santa accidentally frightened his new deer, and the animal ran off, shattering all the boxes with gifts as it ran. Annoyed, Santa had to ask the Imagicans for help to find his reindeer and get it back to him. This would require a gentle hand and some coaxing, as the reindeer was quite frightened still. In the end Ketra, with some help from Krishna and Tazok, succeeded with calming the animal down and got it back to Santa.

Winners: Ketra
Quest Item: a small ruby (+ 10 boxes with Christmas gifts, finders-takers.)

The Lost Girl QM: Aphrael
It turned out a young girl was lost in Teldar, left behind by her mother, who asked in a note to help find the girl's grandfather. After quite some long searches, he was finally found, and the girl was safely brought to him. Thanks go to everyone for helping, and Pluto for finding the grandfather.

Winners: Pluto
Quest Item: a long, wooden pipe

The Height Addict QM: Aphrael
A height addict had graced Imagica with a visit. He was really interested in the high buildings around. Fortunately, he had Zasz, Arven, Fido, Mithrandir and Vetch to help him. They did a splendid job, and are hereby thanked for that. Vetch also received a splendid item because he found the highest building in Imagica.

Winners: Vetch
Quest Item: a plate mail

Reinor's Hammer QM: Nix
Leifron Te'Revia and Mungo Te'Revia had stolen a pickaxe, a bag of metals and a powerful hammer from the hermit dwarf, Reinor. With wits and a certain amount of persuasion, the players managed to talk some sense into the two brothers and making them return what they had stolen. The reward for this was either Reinor's Hammer for one of the participants, or that all of them should receive a golden pickaxe, they chose the pickaxe. I am glad to have seen this kind of teamwork, keep it up!

Winners: A whole bunch
Quest Item: A golden pickaxe

The Lion QM: Asgaroth
Gossip made the adventurers aware of the trouble at hand. Arriving at Queen Gnorga they found that she had lost a pet lion. The lion had fled from the wicked Queen. The ones willing to help her retain this innocent creature went on a quest to find her. After Fido planned to lure the small beast to him with meat, Tazok found the small mamel hiding in the lion's pit. A brave dive into it followd, yet he found himself unable to rescue the little pet. Then the wise Lothar lured it with a tempting corpse of a dear. The creature, fully stuffed with the deer, easily brought back to the queen. The queen thanked him with the head of the father lion.

Winners: Lothar
Quest Item: A lion's head

Murders in the Tower QM: Nix
A mysterious hooded man sought adventurers to help him in solving murder cases in the tower of Grogturii. The one who slayed the beasts, an enormous beetle and its offspring, were to bring the head of the enormous beast to the hooded man. Everyone that participated in the quest got rewearded with a red, shimmering token for the bravery.

Winners: Several
Quest Item: A red, shimmering token

RolePlaying Week QM: Lunah, Asgaroth, Shyla & Nix
Another RolePlaying Week has run its course in Imagica. Several events and quests took place during the week, and below follow an account of them and the winners of various events.

RolePlay Winner of The Week
The person who received the most votes for the roleplaying during the RP Week was Sharin, and so she was the winner of the week. She received 10 RP Points, but her actual prize is the option to have one of her items changed so that it looks the way she wants it to look. We have yet to see what item she decides to create for herself.

There were two runner-ups for the RP Winner title; Mithrandir and Shimmer who share the 2nd spot, as they had the same amount of votes. They both received 5 RP Points.

The complete RP Vote Count can be seen below:

NameVote Count

The Dating Game

Three ladies were chosen to participate in the Dating Game from their applications. Their names were Catt, Shyla and Saga. Ready and nervous they stood in Teldar awaiting the gentlemen who soon arrived. The ladies each had a bunch of notes on which some items were written and the gentlemen had to get a note from a lady and then find her the items. The one to first return would get the lady's hand for a private date in a magic tower.

The dating couples ended up being Fido & Catt, Taggerung & Shyla and Cloud & Saga.

The dates would be evaluated for their roleplay and the winners would be the ones that had the best roleplay during their date.

Unfortunately Cloud & Saga were unable to have their date, and therefore won't be able to win.

The winners of the dating game, and receivers of 8 RP points each is Taggerung & Shyla. They will also receive a trinket as a memory of the event.

Fido & Catt will receive 5 RP points each as their date was still very well played. (Even though the chef was complaining a little about having to serve corpses and blood.)


Several Quests were ran during the week. Here follows a short account on each of them and their winners.

Sharin's Locket
Little Sharin had lost her locket, her only clue to her parentage. Worried and sad she asked the Imagicans to assist her in finding the locket again. Ketra quickly found it where Sharin must have dropped it during her nap in the Tree of Life. Sharin wanted to award Ketra with something for his help, but she had nothing. Her protector Disa said that she would give something instead, rummaging through her sac to find something. She found an old chain with a small key in it, and to everyone's suprise the key turned out to be the one to unlock Sharin's locket.
Disa quickly unlocked the locket with the key, already suspecting what she would find, as she knew who had given her the chain and key, but she was still quite surprised by what she found inside the locket! Inside was a small painted picture showing Shayla and Mithrandir! Who would have known that Sharin was the love child of those unfortunate lovers?
Mithrandir who had been there to help Sharin could find no words, and few eyes were dry when father and daughter was united at last.
Sharin could of course no longer give the key to Ketra, as it unlocked her locket, but he received the sparkling chain it had been attached to.

The Centaur's Treasure
A lonely Centaur travelling through the lands of Imagica was unfortunate enough to get his treasury of weapons stolen. While the culprit fled from the Centaur's wrath he had dropped most of the weapons, spreading them over most of Imagica.
The Centaur quickly turned to the inhabitants of Imagica to ask for help and they were happy to assist him. Roaming the lands the Imagicans soon found the lost spears and the Centaur gave a special spear to Shimmer, the one who brought him back the most.

King Greymung's Gift
King Greymung asked for the help of some of the inhabitans of imagica. After he let the volunteers vow secrecy he told his lovely (well for him at least) wife's birthday was coming up. The gift he was about to give was already chosen by one of his followers. Hence had done some reading and read about a huge golden necklace, said to be worn by a animal, which is almost like a pet. The adventurers went searching for it. Most clueless, but one brave adventurer called Freya. She found the necklace on a hellhound. This clever thinking was rewarded with the gift he wanted to give, some trollish spa boots.

Lost Teddybear
A little girl and boy had a fight and the boy stole the girl's teddybear and hid away with it. The girl, screaming and crying asked for help to retreive it from the boy. (Without killing him, because even though she disliked him, she didn't want to see him dead.) The boy taunting the girl, and the girl impatiently asking people if they found the teddybear yet the Imagicans bit hard and still tried to help.
Finally the boy was located at the farm, hiding in the kitchen. Some failed attempts at bribing him with money only made the boy more reluctant to give the teddybear back. However, Sharin succeeded to trade the teddybear for her Venice doll (of which the boy made a super bat doll). The little girl soon got her teddybear back. (I know from other sources though that the boy has a sweet tooth and would also have given up the teddybear for some cookies or other sweets)
Sharin received a blue rosette for her help from the little girl. (The rosette that used to be tied around the teddybear's neck.)

The Ball

To celebrate the end of the week a ball was announced. It was held in an enchanted castle, with a mysterious tower. No one knows as of yet where this castle came from or who it used to belong to.

Dressed up the Imagicans got to enter the castle where they could find plenty of food and drinks, a ball room for dancing, and of course, the magic tower.

After everyone got to stuff themselves with food there were a few events taking place during the ball. There was the raffle, the lottery of the people who had voted, the Lord & Lady of the Evening and the announcement of the RP Week Winner.

The Raffle
During the week the Imagicans were able to buy raffle tickets off Shayla. At the feast they were all put into a large bag and three winners were pulled who each received a special item. The winners were: Corrin - a pair of emerald earrings
Mithrandir - an amber ring
Unknown - a pair of bleak shells

The Lottery
Every time you voted for someone in the RP Week your name was added to a bag. The more times you voted, the bigger chance of winning. Two names were drawn from this bag, and the winners each received a special item. The winners were: Sharin - an elbow feather tassle
Dulce - a pair of knee joints from a suit of armor

The Lord & Lady of the Evening
The guests at the Ball got to vote for the Lord and Lady of the evening, judging from their choice of clothing and appearance. After a very close vote the Lord and Lady of the Evening were announced to be Nisse & Shimmer. They both received a nice piece of clothing.

Kidnapped! QM: Lunah

Nisse was out for a stroll in the forest with his young son Cloud when a large, ugly troll appeared and snatched the boy away. The troll was hungry and thought that the little half elven boy would provide a good snack. There were few Imagicans around for this unfortunate event, and although some tried the boy was in the end rescued by his parents.

Winners: Nisse & Shimmer
Quest Item: They got their son back, that was reward enough! Also, there were some things that the troll carried around that they could take.

The Easter Bunny's Eggs QM: Lunah & Shayla

The Easter Bunny needed to find three different kinds of eggs for his master. He was really busy himself, and didn't know where to look, so he asked help by the Imagicans. All he had to give them was a riddle from his master. Thankfully some figured out what the riddle meant and the easter bunny got his eggs.

Winners: Ketra
Quest Item: A pair of furry bunny ears.

Santa's Yule Feast QM: Lunah & Asgaroth

As Santa Claus was in a good mood this year he invited everyone to his little house for a nice yule feast with lots of good food and drinks. Unfortunately the little elves went amok, and the party people had to run out after them. The elves were garbed in various things that belonged to Santa Claus or his family, and the ones to find it could keep it.

Welmar's Daughter QM: Asgaroth & Nix

Welmar requested the help of the adventurers in the world of imagica. It seemed like his beloved princess wasn't getting home from a nice boat ride om the sea. Welmar asked the adventurers to find out what happened. After a short search three adventurers found her, captured by a pirate captain. Myzticdragon cleverly put the pirate to sleep, giving the band time to escape. Because the princess could not fly, Chloe went to get a raft for her so she could be brought back to King Welmar. Of course the king was more that happy to see his daughter once again. He thanks you all for your help.

Winners: Viper, Chloe and Myzticdragon
Quest Item: - The winners were rewarded with riches in a form they could choose themselves.

Imagica Autumn Role-Playing Week QM: Lunah & Asgaroth

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

Once again it is time for the Imagican's to get their RP skills dusted off and their swords polished. We will keep a whole week of events for all kinds of players. Below you will see a schedule, and under that the details regarding each event. Please join in the Imagica RP Week and Tournament between Monday 5th November and Sunday 11th November.

Monday: -
Tuesday: Problems in teldar (Quest) 20.30 - The Brotherhood (Quest) 22.00
Wednesday: The Lost one (Quest) 22.00
Thursday: The Nivrim Merchant (Quest) 17.00 - Tournament (Event) 19.30 ->
Friday: Tournament & Auction (Event) 19.30 ->
Saturday: -
Sunday: Autumn Feast (Event) 21.00

All times are in (CET) = Central European Time (aka Netherlands, Sweden)

Role Playing Week
The week itself will contain of several Events and Quests, as you can see in the schedule. However, the Role Playing should proceed throughout the week, not only during Events and Quests. Mortals may vote on each other if they see someone which is really good at Role Playing. (We would be happy to receive as many votes as possible.) If you want to vote for someone, please send a mudmail to Lunah or Asgaroth with that persons name and why you're voting on that person.
The Immortals will also look at the RP and will also give votes.

This is an opportunity for those who wish to proove themselves against each other in the Arena. You may win because of your strength, or simply because of your skills and wit. Anyone may enter, and you will be put with people in your own level group to fight against. Each winner in each group will receive a prize.
If you wish to enter the Tournament, send a mudmail to Lunah with your name, level, class and race. You must also give times during which you can fight. The Tournament will take place on Thursday 8th November and Friday 9th November. You may choose any time from 19.30 and through out the evening, however we suggest you name as many times as possible to make it easier to puzzle it all together. An entrance fee of 500 gold will be taken.

A few rules:
* Asgaroth or Lunah has to be online during the fight to see the outcome.
* If you cheat/use help from charmed mobs/elementals you are disqualified.
* If you do not show up to your scheduled fight you stand as looser.
* Abusive language and threats outside the Arena to your opponents will have you disqualified.

You will be divided into classes, depending on your level. You may enter several characters, however they may not be competing in the same class. The classes are as follows:

1-24, 25-49, 50-74, 75-90

Please sign up now to test yourself against the other Imagicans!!

All of the Quests mentioned in the schedule will start on Teldar Market Square. Please be there at the designated time to find out the details of the Quest.

Autumn Feast
The feast ends the week and this is when the Winner of the Role Playing week will be announced. It will be purely a Role-Playing Event, and we expect you to behave and act nicely during the whole evening. There will be a crowning of a Lady and Lord of the Evening, depending on your behaving and how you have chosen your clothing. (We do not want to see rusty armors or weapons at the Feast!!)
The feast will involve:
* Raffle (Buy a ticket from Lunah or Asgaroth during the week!! 5 gold per ticket - only one per player)
* Eating and Dancing
* Lady and Lord of the Evening
* RP Winner

No Elementals, Charmed mobs or Triggers during the Feast!!

We hope that you will enjoy the Role-Playing Week!!

Lunah & Asgaroth

Winners: Several
Quest Item: Lots
The Winner of the Role-Playing Week was Nisse, who shows good role play, RP week or not. A big cheer for him!!

Halloween Party QM: Lunah & Asgaroth

Griselda the witch invited everyone to a nice Halloween party. However, things went awry when her little niece threw something in her cauldron and Imagica was all of a sudden filled with glowing pumpkins and dancing brooms. To get rid off them all, the Imagicans from the party would have to go out and look for it all. .

Solved by: Vetch (who collected the most pumpkins)
Quest Item: A werewolf coat

All Imagicans that helped collect pumpkins received one to bring home with them. And those who found and killed a dancing broom could keep what the broom was keeping.

Elven Drama QM: Asgaroth

The Elven Chief has invited everyone to his house, as he wants to show them a valued treasure. However, the rumor spread rapidly and before he can show everyone the treasure, someone steals it, and together with the treasure the elven children are kidnapped. The Chief begs for help to get the children and the treasure back.

Solved by: Viper
Quest Item: A pair of green acorn caps

Damsel in Distress QM: Lunah

A young girl is in dire need of help. Her mother is very sick, and to be able to save her she must have some strange ingredients only to be found on certain places in Imagica. With her she has a note with where those supposed ingredients are to be found, and she now needs help to find them.

Solved by: Azrael
Quest Item: A silvery mask

Spring Tournament QM: Lunah

It has again become time for the Tournament, and the brave of Imagica can again try their powers against each other. The previous masters may try to defend their title against the newcomers.

Winners: Freya, Ridley and Silver
Quest Item: A champion's belt

Elemental Quest QM: Lunah & Trixor

The world is in a bad state and the elementals rumble. They need to be calmed, however to do this some brave people must enter the dreaded Elemental Chambers and find the four elemental keys. These the High Pristess of the Sun will need to calm them.

Four groups of brave people will be needed, one for each elemental. Each group containing one of the following capabilities:
- A thief
- A warrior
- A mage

Only those experienced in those fields will be able to get through the chambers, and yet a lot of thought and skill will be needed to get through.

Solved by: The Air Group; Oden, Actaea & Mithrandir
Quest Item A symbol of air

Happy Valentine QM: Lunah

Lunah somehow misplaced her little golden love arrows, and desperately needed help to seek them out and have them brought back. At Valentines they were definitely needed..

Solved by: Ploister
Quest Item: A Shield of Valor

Role-Playing Week QM: Lunah & Dani

Hereby we announce a role-playing week when you, the inhabitants of Imagica can show off your skills and dazzle us all. There will also be activities with small prizes to win. Such as a battle for a lady's kiss, a hunt and to end it all, a grand ball!

Winner: Oden won the kiss from fair Lady Actaea and they could both celebrate it with a romantic dinner. The Role-Playing weeks award for best Role-Play went to no one else but Ploister! *cheer*

Once Upon a Time QM: Lunah & Dani

Once upon a time in a land far away a beautiful fairy queen was kidnapped by an evil wizard and brought to a unknown place where she was put to sleep by magic. No one except the evil wizard knows where she rests. Her daughter the fairy princess, who searched for her mother for many years now, has tracked them down to somewhere in Imagica. Tired by the many adventures and dangers she had to face she now seeks the help of some brave adventurers in order to fulfill the last part of her quest: "vanquish the evil and free her mother".

Any volunteers?

Solved by: Oden & Freya
Quest Item: A pair of fairy wings, a fairy ring

Santa's Trouble QM: Lunah

Something went horribly wrong and Santa crashlanded in the fountain on center market square in teldar. While coming down from the sky, faster then a gnomish flair, he lost all your presents which are now scattered all over Imagica. As Santa's in quite a shock (read he's totally pissed) he can't tell the whereabouts of the presents so it's your task to find those presents. Finders keepers


Solved by Various
Quest Items:
A blindfold
Amor's Arrow and Amor's Bow
A pair of turtle shells
A Sword of Eternal Ice
A Crocodile Tooth
A Kaijit Darksuit
A silver tiara
A jewel of Dara
A pair of dragonteeth
A Dagger of Frost

Thanksgiving Stuff(ed) QM: Trixor

Dear Mortals,

As you know my magic is quite powerfull, being the God of Magic and all. So this is not the only world I travel. I have been on a world were they celebrate something called Thanksgiving. The speciality of this event is a well prepared turkey. I wanted to recreate this event, so I created a spell to make a well prepared turkey. When concentrating for this I got interupted and something went wrong. This whole world got invested with live turkey and some of them even have the stuffing in them. Now this stuffing is the most important ingredient for this spell. So I would appreciate it if you could go and find these birds and return the stuffings to me. I will reward the one who can bring me the most stuffings.

Trixor, God of Magic.

Solved by: Soul
Quest Item: An eagle talon

Trick or Treat QM: Lunah

The halloween witch Griselda has flown to Imagica to visit her friends. She was planning on giving lots and lots of candy to them all. But as she was flying a wind cast her aside, and the candy in her basket was shattered all over Imagica.

She pleads to the Imagicans to find her candy. The one to find the most will get a reward from her.

Solved By: Soul
Quest Item: A magic pumpkin

Imagica Tournament QM: Lunah & Dani

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

We are now annoucing a Tournament for all the Brave in Imagica. You can proove yourself against each other, show your strength, and you better hide your weaknesses!

You will fight each other in the Arena's in Imagica. Lower levels, below 50 to be exact, will fight in the Mortal Combat Arena. Higher levels will proove themselves in the Arena of Gothic Heroes.

Should you wish to enter the contest send a mudmail to Dani or Lunah. Please include your class, race and level. You will then be contacted to collect the 500 gold entrance fee.

The Tournament will take place in the weekend of 16-17 December. In your mudmail, also include which times, CET, you can be here to fight, and we will put you toghether with your opponents. Please put as many times as possible since if you are one of the bravest you might fight yourself all the way to the Final!

We would appreciate if you would keep your fights during daytime or evenings, and not in the middle of the night.

A few rules:

* Dani or Lunah has to be online during the fight to see the outcome
* If you cheat/use help from charmed mobs/elementals you are disqualified
* If you do not show up to your decided fight you stand as looser
* Abusive language and threats outside the Arena to your opponents will have you disqualified

Now, please send in your applicants, we want to see a lot of blood floating! =)

Your humble Questmasters,
Lunah and Dani

Tournament winners: Steele, Brujah and Oden
Quest Item: A champion's belt

DragonSlayer's Desire QM: Lunah

Galad, the DragonSlayer has for years and years hunted a herd of Dragons. The dragon herd goes from country to country, eats and slays all they can find until nothing is left, and then moves on to the next country. They have now arrived in the lands of Imagica, and Galad is closening in on them.

The dragons quickly spread over Imagica, and Galad is forced to ask Imagica's inhabitants for help. They must help him find and kill all the dragons. The one to find the Master of the Herd must kill it and bring its heart to Galad as proof.

Solved by: Della
Quest Item: Cloak of the DragonSlayer

Quest For The Holy Sun QM: Lunah

A Priest of the Holy Sun has been wandering around the lands of Imagica. However, during his travels he seems to have lost his four gemstones. Those gemstones were important, since they are the keys to the shrine where he keeps one of the small golden suns. He now asks other wanderers to help him find those four gemstones. Only small pieces of information the Priest has to offer to those who seek the keys.

Solved by: Taran
Quest Item: A small golden sun