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Class:Arch Mage
Title:Goddess of Love & Passion
E-mail:Lunah at

After living a long, prosperous life as a mortal mage in the realms of Imagica, exploring and learning about the world, Lunah ascended into a higher state of being. She user her newfound powers to create Quests to amuse the mortals. Her love for them also brought her to help them build houses where they could rest their weary bones. However, she is a quite mischievous Goddess who doesn't mind letting her golden arrows find its prey.


Title:Master Builder
Started Playing Imagica:1998/1999

As the Master Builder she's responsible for supervising and approving the building of new zones in Imagica. If you're interested in building for Imagica, you may contact her with your ideas. She also spends some time creating new zones herself and making sure that the world is progressing in the right direction.

She also spends time running Quests and coaching the Quest Team, building player houses, updating the website and is the Editor of Imagizine.