Story Archive

Anyone can submit a story for the archives, as long as it's Imagica related. Either it can be a piece of Imagica history or about a character in Imagica (before or after entering Imagica). Please send your submissions to Lunah at for publication.
Please remember (for Role Play reasons) that just because you may have read about a character in a story, your character(s) in Imagica would not know this information unless he/she has been told in the game.

Submissions for Story Contest 2002

A White Rose by Ereptus
Caged by Nisse
Kidnapped by Disa
An Unexpected Surprise by Shimmer
Untitled Story by Mithrandir

Submissions for Poetry & Story Contest 2003

A Red Rose by Rain
Spirals by Servos
Aldur's Youth by Aldur
Beauty (Poem) by Nisse

Submissions for Poetry & Story Contest 2004

The Curse by Shimmer
Music of the Night by Desari

Other Stories

The Creation of a Dark Soul by Shirin
The Story of Gannon by Gannon